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Gratitude, Grace and Giving Back by Neil Anderson

April 30, 2021

My cancer diagnosis of 2018 has been a journey that has not only expanded my view of life, death, and the importance of wholeness in relationships, but it continues to show how I can be of help in sharing my experiences with others – in this case, a family member.

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Ron Esposito Featured in Cincinnati Magazine

April 9, 2021

The Conscious Living Center is pleased to share that our Senior Faculty Member Ron Esposito was recently featured in Cincinnati Magazine, along with other local life coaches, in the article Five Coping Strategies You Can Use Right Now.

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The In-Between by Tina Neyer

April 9, 2021

As we emerge from the isolation of the pandemic, we step tenuously into the void of the before. Before the pandemic, before the job loss, before the restaurants closed; before the loneliness, the fear, the mourning. We step into the world once more, masked, socially distanced, asking this question: have you gotten the vaccine? If the answer is yes, the shift happens. We can smile, laugh a little, touch another human being.

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Conscious Health and Healing by Deborah Ooten

March 31, 2021

As I age, my attention goes more frequently to health and wholeness. Many of my friends, colleagues, and family members have begun to deal with illness—specifically, cancer. I am struck with the many different types of cancer and will focus on two to increase our awareness of these two types. I also want to encourage “conscious health and healing” and learning to respect the “inner physician” that resides in each and every one of us.

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Answer the call to live a conscious life thru in-depth study of the Enneagram

March 10, 2021

The Enneagram’s ancient wisdom gives us a map for human purpose and possibility… and lays out a modern-day, personalized path to wholeness for each of us. You’re invited to join an immersive Enneagram program designed for you to become part of a life- and world-changing movement toward a new and just reality.

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Five Lessons Clients Can Learn From Life Coaching by Ron Esposito

February 26, 2021

1. Striving for happiness is the surest way to experience unhappiness. Avoidance of emotional pain causes unhappiness. Happiness is a byproduct. The soul is getting everything that it needs for evolution in the present moment.

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A Spirituality Beyond Me: Together, We Inter-Are by Keith Kristich

February 12, 2021

Spirituality has become about “me” and making my “me” feel good. But we need a more universal and collective way forward. Simply said, our spiritual traditions, institutions, and practices need to guide us from a personal “me” to a universal “we” consciousness — a more collective way of being and understanding of identity.

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Wellness by Bonnie Brinkman

January 28, 2021

Isn’t it what we wish for in our lives? We are still in winter, a cold and bare season, that often presents itself with thoughts of hibernation and low energy. Some people let themselves go to dormant that they act as if they’re in a deep sleep, feeling moody, or even getting depressed. It’s a tougher time for us if we want to overcome it, due to the crises that surround us. So, what can we do to brighten up this mood—or even further what can we do to have more experiences of WELLNESS?

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Living an Asterisk* Life by Tina Neyer

January 13, 2021

Life for 2020 will have an asterisk by it, if only because our decisions are colored by uncertainty. Why clean out the closet. I pin hopes on a return to some normalcy where I can dress up, go out to dinner, laugh and talk with friends and now worry whether they smile or not behind the mask. Someday, I’ll return to the bucket list of places I want to fly to, and not be relegated to day trips that I tried so desperately to spin as vacations. And someday, my dog won’t fall asleep on my laptop during a Zoom game night forcing me to return to the silence.

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Walking Through the Doorway to Love by Cathy Hudson

December 30, 2020

In 2021 we will have to put the doorway back together. Piece by piece. Patiently. Gently sanding off the rust, replacing the rotten wood, polishing the self, and begin to open the heart again.

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Currency: What are you Willing to Expend? by Tina Neyer

November 30, 2020

We find ourselves in a place of great chaos. Grasping for answers to serious questions. Grappling with emotions from anger to joy, sadness to panic, hurt to confidence, strength to weakness. We are caught behind the veil of online connections, when we are starved for human touch.

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What is the Enneagram? by Shay Bocks

November 17, 2020

You keep hearing the word “Enneagram” and wonder if you should check it out. Then maybe all the Instagram memes might make some sense, right? Sure, go ahead, but chances are you’ll actually feel a little slapped in the face with hard truths once you do. Just a fair warning: the Enneagram is for people who are ready to commit to deep inner work. It’s not really a party trick.

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New Podcasts with Dr. Deborah Ooten on The Enneagram and Awareness

November 5, 2020

Dr. Deborah Ooten was recently interviewed twice on The Enneagram and Awareness for the Awareness Houston podcast! Listen to or watch her interview with Jennifer Christian.

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Stop Expecting You from Other People by Neil Anderson

October 30, 2020

While scrolling through my Facebook page recently, I came across something rather poignant and prickly that arrested my attention. It was one of the many countless drive by memes shared in the flow of social media posted by a friend. This one was different… It simply said Stop expecting you from other people.”””

While scrolling through my Facebook page recently, I came across something rather poignant and prickly that arrested my attention. It was one of the many countless drive by memes shared in the flow of social media posted by a friend. This one was different… It simply said “”Stop expecting you from other people.””

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The Fall of the Father – Return to the Mother by Dahlia Dowler

October 15, 2020

We were betrayed by the longstanding rule and dominion of the Father. The one who carries “The Word”. The one who carries “The Truth”. The one who knows “The Way”. But we have reached the apex, the peak, the summit and extreme of a regime that can no longer reign. The rule and influence of the Father has become tainted over centuries of corruption, abuse and destruction.

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Sermorelin Peptide: The Anti-Aging Solution by Ronnie Robertson

September 10, 2020

I would like to introduce you to a remarkable age-management therapy called Sermorelin. It has been a critical tool in my own healing process and something that I regularly recommend to clients. It has become so popular, that many athletes and those who are looking to better their health, are incorporating it into their daily health regiment.

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Discover how your personal shadows hold the key to your spiritual evolution

September 4, 2020

On Saturday, September 12, Enneagram teacher, psychotherapist, and author Beatrice Chestnut will provide a fascinating glimpse into the shadow sides of your Enneagram type, as well as the gifts that await when you learn how to illuminate and allow these parts of yourself to surface and accept yourself more fully. Register now for access to the complimentary session and a downloadable replay sent later.

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Four Yogic Paths by Ron Esposito

August 31, 2020

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning yoke or a joining together. In Hinduism this has the sense of harnessing oneself to God, seeking union. Since any path to knowledge of God can be called yoga, there are in Hinduism many names for the different yogic paths that accommodate the basic makeup of individual seekers.

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Cultivating Basic Trust in a World of Uncertainty by Keith Kristich

August 14, 2020

We live in a time with unprecedented questions. With these questions comes an awful lot of uncertainty, uncertainty leading to an awful lot of fear, anxiety, and doubt. But these uncertainties and the many negative emotions emerging from them ought not have the final say over our lives. We can intentionally and consciously choose to cultivate what Enneagram and spiritual teacher A.H. Almaas calls “basic trust.”

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(More) Reflections on Us and Our World Today by Bonnie Brinkman

August 2, 2020

I don’t like much of the new I’ve been experiencing, and I’m leaning, more than ever, on many sources that resonate with me, that can help me appreciate being in the here of the new & now; the only place I can be my real self. The following are some words I’ve read, thought, been told, and get some sanity from, so I can roll with the New.

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Vitamin B-12: An Invisible Epidemic? by Ronnie Robertson

July 13, 2020

So, what does Vitamin B-12 deficiency look like? Would the symptoms be obvious? Well, not necessarily, which is why I am an advocate for supplementing with this remarkable vitamin. Often times I have met clients who tell me about medications they take for certain issues and I ask them if they feel much improvement from the prescribed drugs. My question is generally met with a less than satisfactory response.

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Dear Mama Coco, I Love You by Cathy Hudson

June 29, 2020

Once upon a time in a far-off land 2 beautiful beings met. One was divine black being (Mama Coco) and one was a divine white being (Gaga Lala). A magical box called a Xerox machine brought them together. It was apparently a box that made magical noises and you could put your face on it and feel a bright light all while getting your picture taken!

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Living Through the Pandemic and Looking For Hope by Tina Neyer

May 29, 2020

Writing is a critical tool for helping you get through this crisis of time and faith. Journal writing gives direction to a seemingly endless time continuum where nothing seems to change; our minds are consumed by the virus. Here are a few tips to approach this type of writing.

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Support CLC Scholarships By Shopping on Amazon!

May 19, 2020

At the Conscious Living Center we’ve always been committed to bringing consciousness to everyone. Our nonprofit organization, Consciousness in Action, aims to bring educational opportunities to diverse communities through education, awareness, and the creation of a supportive community. Now, you can help us grow our scholarship fund while you do your usual shopping at Amazon using Amazon Smile.

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Smiling With My Eyes by Neil Anderson

April 30, 2020

Self-care now becomes more prominent in these times. How are you taking care of yourself as a doorway to the availability of self and others? For example, I continue with my daily walks, usually in the morning when my energy is a little higher, and it’s proven to be a great way to connect with neighbors who are out doing the same. We smile or nod from behind a mask or render a muffled hello, and I have learned to smile a little more with my eyes, something I had not paid much attention to before.

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