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Conscious Dynamics, LLC is a coaching, training, and consulting firm that targets innovative and creative companies who rely on highly effective teams for their success.

We've revolutionized the way employees are viewed and how companies plan for the future. 

Our clients have a strong desire to stay ahead of the competitive or collaborative curve. Teaching a common language using the Enneagram personality system, we take real job issues and facilitate a discussion for resolution.

Our focus is on increasing the overall emotional/social intelligence of individuals and teams. Our core competencies lie in team building, transparent communication, conflict resolution, change management, innovation, and leadership.

Conscious Dynamics, LLC specializes in:

  • Facilitating real-time work projects to ensure innovation, creation, and excellence in planning and execution 

  • Building teams for enhanced leadership, communication, and transparency

  • Consulting on team and individual business issues

  • Executive coaching

  • Preparing employees for interviews within their corporation

  • Helping talented workers brand themselves

We will help your company innovate and move in new directions!

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