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Consciousness Ascending

Consciousness Ascending is open to anyone who has completed an Enneagram certification program or a minimum of two years with an Enneagram school.

CA provides the student with opportunities to fully integrate self-understanding and self-knowledge and turn it into wisdom that informs every waking moment of life. The levels of the Enneagram and the Enneagram of Process are the primary methods for diving even deeper into habits, patterns and motivations that continuously pull us back into the “stupor” of sleep (type).

Gurdjieff's basic teaching is that human life is lived in waking sleep. Transcendence of the sleeping state requires a specific inner work, which is practiced individually and in the midst of life with others. This leads to otherwise inaccessible levels of vitality and awareness.

The Work of Gurdjieff is an oral tradition. The understanding of this work can only be received by direct contact between teacher and pupil, and by the work of pupils together in organized community. Under conditions in an atmosphere of deep trust that can exist in such a group, people working together learn to face their own inner reactivity and confusion. Working in this way, conscience is awakened along with consciousness and sensation. Gurdjieff taught that Conscience, Consciousness, and Sensation form the tripod upon which an integrated development of human potential must be based.

Dr. Deborah Ooten works within a framework that challenges the beliefs, values, and motivations that keep type in place. We use Gurdjieff’s teachings to guide us in the process of our conscious journey. The Three Centers are more fully explored and engaged in new and powerful ways.

The work is difficult, fun, powerful and revealing! There are required readings, dyadic presentations, experiences and process of our daily living!

CA weekend seminars are held monthly in a live, online environment. The seminars consist of lectures and deep experiential work.

To sign up for the School of Conscious Living or to learn more about our online program, call Dr. Deborah Ooten at 513-621-3600 or 513-543-3633, email her at [email protected].

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