Detailed Progam Description

Enneagram Emersion is a narrative tradition enneagram school - an experiential program of learning through applying the teachings to personal life and deeply listening to the experiences of others.  Through this method, the Enneagram is dynamic and transformative. 

The School of Conscious Living Enneagram Emersion program provides participants with:

    • Opportunities to explore and learn two in-depth systems, the enneagram and levels of consciousness, both of which provide powerful resources to develop advanced consciousness and awareness, assisting individuals to create self-change as well as global change
    • Opportunities to develop and deepen a meditation/mindfulness practice
    • Opportunities to explore and develop intuitive abilities, tapping into the place of true wisdom which is available when the observing self is engaged and developed
    • Opportunities to work closely and continually with other participants and Dr. Ooten and Beth O'Hara in a community that will support and enhance the journey
    • Opportunities to explore issues of power, sex, money, control, relationships, and any roadblocks that stand in the way of fully participating in a conscious and joyous life

Upon completion of this program, you will receive:

    • Certificate of Completion
    • The ability to use the enneagram and levels of consciousness in work, relationships and in life
    • Certification as a Narrative Tradition Enneagram Teacher/Trainer (after second year and completion of enneagram typing exam)
    • 100 points (maximum allowable) toward International Enneagram Association Accreditation
    • A centered understanding of the roadblocks that separate you from truly living a full life, filled with possibilities

Enneagram Emersion I

Session 1 – Introduction to the Enneagram
History and mission of the Enneagram
Three Centers of Intelligence: Mental, Emotional, Physical
Balancing and Integrating the Three Centers
Nine Types: Enneagram of Personality
Identifying Personal Roadblocks
Self Observation and Meditation

Session 2 – Deeper Enneagram Theory
Dynamic Movements
Law of One, Three and Seven
The Dynamics of Money

Session 3 – Understanding Type
Panel Day - in-depth narrative study of the Nine Types
Misidentifications of Types
Identifying Reactivity to Type

Session 4 – Enneagram of Essence
Love and Sex
Enneagram of Essence
Passion and Virtues
Fixations and Holy Ideas
Process Enneagram and Map of Everything
Decision Making and Change Management

Enneagram Emersion II

Session 1 – Introduction to Levels of Consciousness
Levels of Consciousness
Debriefing Spiral Dynamics® Assessments
Personal Change Project

Session 2 – Advanced Levels of Consciousness
Debrief Personal Change Projects
Life Conditions
Conditions for Change
Personality Types and Levels of Consciousness
Social Change Project

Session 3 – Integrating Enneagram and Levels of Consciousness
Debrief Social Change Project
How to Conduct Typing Interviews
Understanding Personal Filters
Applying the Enneagram and Levels of Consciousness
Consciousness and Manifestation
Consciousness and Abundance

Session 4 – Enneagram Certification
Typing Interviews
Question and Answer

Session Content and Training Materials

Trainin Materials l

  • One Time $100 materials fee for Enneagram Emersion I:
  • Enneagram Training Manual - 120 pages
  • The Enneagram Exemplar Videos: The Real Stories of the Nine Types of the Enneagram DVD
  • Lifting the Veil: Enneagram Meditations by Deborah Ooten & Ron Esposito CD
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Let Dr. Deborah Ooten and each unique exemplar help you understand his or her type, the difference between the types, and how your understanding of your own type may help you with your work, your relationships, and your journey to greater consciousness!


Dr. Deborah Ooten and Ron Esposito co-produce and participate in this unique project that explores the Enneagram Teachings in the Narrative Tradition. What sets this guided meditation recording apart is the original music and instrumentation featuring keyboardist Billy Larkin and guitarist Ric Hordinski in addition to Ron playing the bowls, kalimba and percussion.

Trainin Materials ll

  • One Time $100 assessments fee for Enneagram Emersion II 


Upon completion of the second year of the program, graduates can sit for Enneagram Teacher/Trainer Certification.  Students are certified by Dr. Deborah Ooten in the Narrative Tradition.  Dr. Ooten is certified in the Narrative Tradition through Helen Palmer and David Daniels, M.D.

What are the benefits of Enneagram Certification?

  • Increased emotional/social intelligence
  • Increasing own consciousness
  • Training to apply Enneagram-related insights and wisdom in your personal and professional life
  • Certification to teach the Enneagram

What are the Enneagram Certification Requirements through the School of Conscious Living?

  • Participation in all parts of the program
  • Participation in coaching supervision (1-2 sessions per month)
  • Completion of 20 Practice Typing Interviews
  • Successful supervised typing interview during session 8
  • Successful completion of essay exam
  • Completion of projects (assigned throughout trainings) including:
  • Personal Change Project and Social Change Project

Tuition Costs Per Training

$450/weekend seminar  + coaching supervision (1-2x per month)
(4 seminars for EEII, 4 seminars for EEII)

$295/weekend seminar + coaching supervision (Under 30 with financial need)

One time materials fee of $100 for Enneagram Emersion I
One time fee of $100 for Enneagram Emersion II (for Spiral Dynamics® assessments) 


$150 deposit prior to first seminar, remaining tuition due first day of training.

Refund Policy

Seminar deposit fully refundable up to 30 days prior to training.  In lieu of a refund, the deposit can be applied to another training.  Coaching packages are not refundable.

Methods of Learning

Real knowledge occurs when understanding exists in the mind, heart, and body.  Numerous modalities are used to deepen experience and understanding.  The narrative/oral tradition is highly emphasized wherein the Enneagram of Personality is revealed through deep sharing and transparency.  Community develops over the course of the seminars that creates an unusual level of connection within a compassionate, non-judgmental, accepting group.  While there are lecture and readings, much of the learning is experiential, engaging all three centers.  There are assignments between sessions that include readings, movies, and projects.