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Online Enneagram School

Saturday Monthly Enneagram Emersion Certification Program: ONLINE!

Beginning May 18, 2024 the last Saturday every month, 10am-2pm EST. For those who would like to study the Enneagram in an engaging and supportive online environment, Enneagram Emersion also has an online track. EEI is a 4 seminar program to work deeply on the self through the Enneagram. EEII is four seminars of work applying the Enneagram to work with the world and understanding levels of consciousness.  EEII also prepares students to apply the Enneagram in more depth personally, professionally, and to become certified Enneagram trainers and teachers.

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Coaching with the Enneagram

Beginning February 23, 2024! Runs the final Friday of every month, 10am-1pm EST. Join Deborah Ooten and continue your journey with the School of Conscious Living. This class is specific to individuals who have already graduated from the Enneagram Emersion program and have been certified by the SCL to teach and train using the Enneagram. This is an advanced class for Enneagram Coaching certification in an engaging and supportive online environment.

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Advanced Consciousness Ascending Online!

Restarting January 13, 2024! Runs the second Saturday of every month, 10am-1pm EST. Closed to new students. Advanced Consciousness Ascending is open to anyone who has completed an Enneagram certification program or a minimum of two years with an Enneagram school. The work happens during monthly seminars within a community-led by Dr. Deborah Ooten and is continued in daily observational practices between sessions.

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Learn More about the Nine Enneagram Types

The Enneagram shows nine ways of seeing and experiencing the world as well as the relationships between personality and psychological development.  It explains underlying motivations, as well as strengths and weaknesses in navigating life and relating to others.