What is Enneagram Emmersion Like?

Enneagram Emersion is a unique program of self-development and exploration into who you are: personality and essence. In the program, we explore questions such as: How can I create change and growth in my life? What is my life about? What keeps me stuck? How can I overcome obstacles in my life? How can I deeply connect with other human beings? How can I learn to love myself? Who am I really?

The Enneagram is a system of self-awareness and understanding through studying the aspects of the personality. The word emersion describes an eclipsed body returning from the shadow to the light. Similarly, in Enneagram Emersion we uncover shadow aspects – the parts of ourselves that we have difficulty accepting or even seeing – to bring them into the light and learn to be more compassionate. In learning to be more compassionate with yourself, you are able to be more compassionate and present with others.

What you reject within yourself controls you. As you learn love and accept all parts of yourself, you have the ability to make choices and to utilize all aspects of your personality and essence consciously. You can begin the shift from being controlled by every event, mood and circumstance to having increased ability to manage your reactivity.

What are the classes like? The class travels together in a live, online environment as a group for each part of the four-part session. Classes either take place monthly over full weekends or are divided into shorter sessions that meet weekly during the week. During the first 4 sections of the class you learn about the Enneagram system and how to apply it to all aspects of your life. You learn and practice a variety of meditations to aid you in deepening your ability to stay present with your thoughts, feelings, and body. Through dyadic exercises, you learn to see yourself more clearly and understand others better. We teach through the narrative tradition, which means you learn about the Enneagram via hearing yourself and others explore the inner world. 

Students tell us it has made a tremendous difference in their lives. Jane Dietrich, a student in Enneagram Emersion I said, “Thank you for a wonderful class.  It was life changing for me to go through it.  I am so glad I joined the class and got to meet some good people.  The timing was perfect.  This is exactly what I need right now in my life.” 

Dorothy Hatic, a student in Enneagram Emersion, describes the program this way:

"The Enneagram Emersion is a discovery of the self, as well as a journey with others, to explore human nature with understanding and compassion. It provides a safe and healthy group environment in which one can connect with oneself and others in a personal and self-defining way, and yet the discoveries are freeing and amazingly profound as the realization that we are all one reveals itself. Through self exploration in a group setting, we can understand who we truly are, when our ego selves are at work, and what our special gifts are that we are totally capable of
bringing to the world.

The Enneagram Emersion is an exploration of all that lies within us and what prohibits us from being our best selves. It can bring meaning to skeptics and fulfillment to seekers. The knowledgeable and talented teachers lead us to the threshold “of our own understanding” Gibran) and provide both the structure and freedom to explore personality type and human consciousness in a setting conducive to personal and spiritual growth.

I would recommend the Enneagram Emersion series to anyone who imagines himself a seeker. Self-knowledge, understanding of others, and compassion for oneself and for others are the cornerstone of the Enneagram Emersion study. It is for all ages from all walks of life. We are so fortunate to have these opportunities right here in Cincinnati. It has certainly made me more appreciative of life and living, and through the work I’m doing, helped me to be a more awake,
compassionate individual with a greater understanding of self and others."

Linda Lavelle finished the Enneagram Emersion series several years ago and recently said: "I do this work because I’ve found a way not to suffer.  Not that I can stay there all the time, but now I know that I don’t have to do that anymore.  There is a knowing that there is something else, that there is another choice."

After finishing the first year of the class, Megan Hogahan wrote to us that “I'm finding my center and rediscovering who I am one day at a time. My marriage has grown tremendously. I have courage to speak up despite fear and really communicate my feelings and allow him to express his. I'm noticing how much I take things personally and misinterpret what others say to be negative and am learning to shift this."

One of the most life changing parts of the class is the community that develops through the group processes and explorations. Catherine Orsini told us: “The group has become very important to me. I feel less isolated, more supported and not judged so much. It has become a safe and trusted place." 

Interested in finding out more? Contact Dr. Deborah Ooten to schedule a time to discuss how Enneagram Emersion might work for you.

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