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What the Book of Mormon highlighted for me about ignorance and tolerance by Deborah Ooten

April 29, 2023

I have never been a fan of Monty Python or South Park kind of humor/satire. It seems to be about making fun of another person or group. I had a hard time with the first act and was glad I stayed for the redemptive second act. The real struggle came for me when the audience […]

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Introduction to the Enneagram Video

April 11, 2023

Dr. Deborah Ooten has recently been interviewed by Robin Grant, on the topic Introduction to the Enneagram. Watch the video at https://vimeo.com/815505384/eef8d4176.  

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Inner Observer Practice by Deborah Ooten with Ron Esposito & Beth O’Hara

March 26, 2023

If we want to stop doing the things that keep us limited and suffering, we have to develop practices that support us in conscious shifting of our lives. Our practices not only support our own evolution but evolution overall. The more we loosen our individual constrictions, the more we are able to support and uplift […]

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Allowing a New Type of Spring Awakening by Being Present to Death by Leighah Roni Beadle-Darcy

March 11, 2023

“You must go on. I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” ― Samuel Beckett, The Unnamable   Spring Equinox, a time of buds and green. I remember being age 7 at primary school, and we were set a task of writing about our favourite months with a drawing to go with it. I chose April and drew […]

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Discover the unifying function of breath

January 19, 2023

Dear CLC Community Member, The first and last thing we do in life is inhale and exhale.   Breath is the most critical physiological function, one of the most transformative forces in life, and one of the most powerful medicines on the planet.   According to Jessica Dibb, founder of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, […]

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Who is that older person? by Cathy Hudson

December 25, 2022

“There is only one way and that is your way. There is only one salvation and that is your salvation. Why are you looking for help. Do you believe help will come from outside? What is to come will be created in you and from you. Hence look into yourself. Do not compare. Do not […]

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Embody enlightenment through the Enneagram

December 5, 2022

Dear CLC Community Member,   What if you had a roadmap for understanding the essence of who you are and what motivates the behaviors of the people around you? A personalized guide to help you embrace an expansive orientation toward your best personal, professional, and community life?   The Enneagram is visually represented as a […]

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A Letter To Our CLC Community

November 19, 2022

Dear CLC Community Member,   As a longtime teacher of consciousness, I’ve discovered that combining two models is better for creating individual and community change than using only one. Aso one of the world’s first teachers to combine the wisdom of the Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics®, I’ve found using both systems leads us to more […]

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Testimonial for Dr. Deborah Ooten

November 8, 2022

Your eyes are always wet The tears of connection The tears of life The fountain of love Your tears are real It melts the hearts I look at you I feel alive But on a different level Different realm Even when I am writing now I don’t know from where those words are coming I […]

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Fulfill your highest potential by combining Spiral Dynamics & the Enneagram

October 26, 2022

Dear CLC Community Member,   How much do you really know about yourself? If you’re like most of us, it’s not as much as you may think…   When Spiral Dynamics is combined with the Enneagram — the model of the human psyche taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types — you can […]

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Great Expectations: Confronting the Shadow Through Writing a Book by Melanie Bell

October 16, 2022

  I’ve wanted to be a writer for most of my life. Some would argue that I’ve been a writer for most of my life. When I was two, I ran around making up stories. By the time I was four, I’d worked out a hierarchy of monsters that infested my home and magical tools […]

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A Wonderful Conversation with Type One Ron Esposito

September 26, 2022

Our Senior Faculty Member Ron Esposito, MA, was recently interviewed by Michael Naylor of Enneagram Maine. Watch the full interview, on being an Enneagram type 1, below or on YouTube!    

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Dr. Deborah Ooten on What is this Spiral thing anyway?

August 31, 2022

  Episode 44 of the Practical Enneagram podcast.   Another absolute beaut of an Enneagram teacher, the amazingly generous and fun Deborah Ooten PhD (Sexual 8, though she doesn’t use instinct categorisations in her teachings) shares about why she saw fit to pair Spiral Dynamics with the Enneagram. Deborah’s work has been pioneering in the […]

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Deepak’s Primer on the Afterlife by Ron Esposito

August 31, 2022

This article is excerpts from the book “Life After Death” by Deepak Chopra and in a general way reflects the views of Hinduism and Buddhism on the afterlife.   The hereafter isn’t a place at all but a state of awareness.  The cosmos that you and I are experiencing right now with trees, people, houses, […]

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Help our colleague Fazal rebuild his house!

August 29, 2022

Our friend and colleague Fazal, from Pakistan, had his home destroyed by the floods. Please help him rebuild his home by contributing to our gofundme campaign! Dr. Deborah Ooten, Cathy Hudson, and Russ Hudson are working together to support, and any little bit of support you can provide helps. Donate to help Fazal.

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Dr Deborah Ooten

School of Life by Deborah Ooten

August 14, 2022

As we prepare to send our children back to school we might want to visit our own arena for learning, LIFE. As adults we are faced each and every day with opportunities for growing and learning about ourselves. The challenges that come to us are often in the form of attachments to thoughts, feelings and […]

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Self-Observation: The Thinker Behind the Thought by Ron Esposito

August 2, 2022

In my experience, one of the keys to personal development and ultimately self-understanding is observing how your mind works, what your heart feels and what your body experiences. This self-observing faculty is essential for managing personality and our personal reactivity. Just as physical exercise is important to our well-being, regular self-observation practice is beneficial to […]

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Dr Deborah Ooten

Presence by Deborah Ooten

July 14, 2022

Consciousness is the act of awakening to the present moment, being fully alive, aware and observant of any automated ways of being.   At this time in the evolution of humanity, we are standing at the edge of a precipice, with the potential for shocks that can push us into a new world order. Many […]

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Love is the Root of Everything by Cathy Hudson

June 30, 2022

  Great Grandpa Siegel and his great grandson Hudson. New Richmond, Ohio   “Love is the root of everything. All learning. All parenting. All relationships.”   “Growth comes from love. And love is about accepting anyone just the way they are.”   -Mister Rogers from his documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor   This is […]

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Grief and Good Times by Tina Neyer

June 8, 2022

I count my hairdresser as a friend. We’ve been together many years now. Through the snip snip of making me look good we talk about ‘things’. I know about her family, she knows about mine. Current affairs can be a hot topic in whispered conversation so as not to upset people in the next booth. […]

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The Emergent Novelty of Spring By Neil Anderson

May 1, 2022

With the nascent signs of Spring being visible and fresh, there’s hardly anyone who isn’t filled with a sense of hope and renewal. All around us signs of new life are breathing pushing and pulsing their way into new space as the grip of Winter loosens. It’s important for us to pull our senses from […]

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Welcome To New CLC Faculty Member Micky ScottBey Jones!

April 13, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Micky ScottBey Jones, MA, has joined the faculty at the Conscious Living Center! Micky ScottBey Jones (she/her) is a visionary leader in the fields of spiritual accompaniment and movement chaplaincy, and has trained hundreds of people in accompaniment, healing and resilience building in social change movements. She also has […]

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Mindfulness Writing by Tina Neyer

April 11, 2022

Each of us carry wounds deep within and seek help through various practices. Searching for understanding through the Enneagram starts a journey to self-discovery that can begin the healing process. The therapeutic process also leads to a better understanding of oneself.   The practice of mindfulness writing engages the writer in taking a longer, deeper […]

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Discover advanced Enneagram typing tools that capture the nuances that motivate behavior, creating deeper coherence between you and your life

April 10, 2022

Dear CLC Community Member,   Enneagram expert and Tritype pioneer Katherine Chernick Fauvre teaches that more than half of all who use the Enneagram to self-type are mistyped.   That’s because we’re typing ourselves using the same projections that we’re trying to free ourselves from.   Basically, we’re stuck in a hall of mirrors that […]

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Dr Deborah Ooten

Recover, Renew, and Regenerate by Deborah Ooten

March 27, 2022

Spring is the time that we begin to recover from the darkness of winter, renew our commitment to life and regenerate our desires for healthy and soulful living. When we think about our current times and the difficulty and division that has been generated nationally and globally, we can certainly see that recovery, renewal and […]

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