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Balance for Busy Times by Kathleen Hartman Blackburn

Nov 30, 2021

Now that the Thanksgiving holidays have retreated into the past, we may find ourselves caught up in the heightened energy and momentum of the year’s end and more holiday times to come. Although life can seem perennially busy to many of us, this time can be especially hectic, with added social obligations, gatherings of family and friends, children’s school performances, religious services, volunteer opportunities, end of semester exams, job performance reviews, or end of year tax planning, to name a few. For some, there are the financial challenges that are ever present, due to unemployment or underemployment, but are felt more acutely at a time when our culture emphasizes buying and spending. And while some of our added responsibilities may include enjoyable activities, before long, we may find ourselves feeling exhausted, irritable, stressed or sick. What we especially need to navigate this time is BALANCE.


I reflect on how BALANCE shows up for me by looking more closely at the word BALANCE itself. When I am living my life in BALANCE, the following statements are true:


B         I am aware of my Blessings, focusing on them instead of what is missing.


I take the time to enjoy Beauty everywhere but especially outdoors.


I establish appropriate Boundaries in relationships, saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’                                                carefully and consciously.


I take the time to read Books that I enjoy.


I have many moments of just Being, not doing anything else but Breathing.


A         I focus my Attention on what I am doing in the present moment.


I take Appropriate Action when the situation calls for it.


I bring more and more Awareness into my life by staying Awake to my habits of                                    thinking, feeling, and behaving.


L         I bring Laughter into my world by watching comical movies or telling funny stories.


           I know my Limitations, especially as they relate to my time and energy.


I consciously choose to Love myself and others.


I enjoy the Little, simple things.


I Light candles and enjoy a Lavender bath.


A         I express Appreciation for kindnesses shown to me.


           I take the time to Attend Arts events, such as concerts and theater productions.


I give and receive Affection to and from my loved ones.


N        I eat and drink consciously and get proper Nutrition.


          I find ways to Nourish my spirit and contemplative way of being.


I take walks in Nature.


I am aware of my Needs and communicate them to others.


I experiment with New ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.


C        I live from a place of Compassion for myself and others.


          I Consult with others when I need help to get unstuck.


I rely on my Community of family and friends for support and feel Connection not isolation.


I Communicate appropriately especially in times of difficulty.


I realize that I have Choices and I take responsibility for them.


E        I take the time to Exercise.


          I try new Experiences that take me out of my comfort zone.


I Educate myself especially about global concerns and situations.


I give my Energy to what I value.


I Evaluate and reflect on how I am living my life, moment by moment.


I invite you to see how BALANCE shows up for you. May you stay present, grounded, and BALANCED as you experience this busy time of year!