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Letting Go by Ron Esposito

Feb 28, 2022

Being in relationship with others is part of being human and that includes breaking up and/or modifying the relationship whether it is an intimate relationship, friendship or of a professional nature.  Personal and spiritual growth entails change and a shift in consciousness.  Reflecting upon my own evolution, listed below are some thoughts in regard to the process of letting go and becoming more aware.


It’s okay to outgrow people, places and things.  It’s okay for them to outgrow you too.


Allow yourself to grieve the loss of what you are letting go of.  You can’t heal what you don’t let yourself feel.


Forgive yourself for your part in how things ended.


Ask yourself: Why am I still holding on? Does it truly feel good or is it just familiar?


Remember: Relationships don’t need to last forever to serve their purpose.


Sometimes the only closure you’ll get is accepting that the past can’t change and that is okay.


Remember: Letting go is also letting in.  Making room for something new can be hard and it’s worth it.



Ron Esposito, M.A., is a certified Life Coach, Enneagram Teacher and Spiritual Mentor at the Conscious Living Center in Mount Auburn. [email protected].