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Dancing Without Looking Down By Neil Anderson

Oct 29, 2021
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I have to confess to writing this article under a little duress, as I am juggling a few things in my life that are demanding my attention so I’ll keep this one brief.


Sometimes we think, “If only life’s challenges and problems arrived in serial fashion it would be much more manageable.” Alas, we know it doesn’t work that way for life is anything but linear in its fabulous everywhere all at onceness, and I suspect it would be a great deal more boring if it were. You see, as I  write this I am juggling a move with my living space, moving my office space, managing my mother’s health and recovering from Covid.


This is not a complaint bemoaning my current state or circumstances, nor a frantic dance of anxiety (though I do have my moments) for just about everyone is dealing with a lot right now, but rather it’s a celebration of an emerging confidence in myself to engage messiness and spontaneity, raise my energy to the task, and somehow come out ok. Now, that’s easy for many and quite natural for some because well, we all have different strengths and that’s life right? Well, when your core life strategy is a wily avoidance of entangling problems, deferring problems into mental management and yes, procrastination then the above realization is a breath of fresh air and however minor to some of you, a real breakthrough.


Stepping (and sometimes falling) out my type fixation point (5) and embracing spontaneous fix it strategies and responses is often like fixing a sudden flat tire on the road; you curse the event without dwelling there and you address the reality of the problem at hand. Once it’s in your rearview mirror you’re moderately pleased with how you managed yourself.


Now I’m not naive enough to believe that all of life’s opportunities and problems will yield to such a simple formula, for what often comes is the realization that life’s more insoluble problems require a sustained engagement with attention to our inner process as part of a dance of self care and non judgment. What I want to convey is that as cliche as it has become, that leaning into discomfort is an invaluable act of courage that can bring out unrealized gifts that can only come from the unexplored territory.


Well, I’m off to chase down my accountant! I hope this is good medicine for all of you. Thank you.