Reflections on the 2012 IEA Conference

By Beth O'Hara & Dorothy Hatic - September 2012

The 2012 IEA Global Conference in Long Beach, CA, is now a memory, tucked away for further introspection upon recall.  There were so many beautiful moments in this year’s conference.  It was a lovely venue and a well-orchestrated event that seemed to go off without a glitch. Kudos to Kathryn Grant and the entire 2012 IEA Board for an amazingly successful conference!

The Conscious Living Center has historically had a large group attending (earning us the tongue-in-cheek nickname, “Cincinnati Mafia”), and this year was no exception. Deborah Ooten, Ron Esposito, Myra Baker, Dorothy Hatic, Lance White, Diane White, Zach White, Robin Grant, Charlene Taylor, Arthur Kranz, Linda LaVelle, Dick Schutte and Beth O’Hara all attended the conference and we had a fantastic time!  Presenters come from all over the world to teach and introduce innovative applications; there is always much to learn and experience.  This conference builds global community and life-long connections. It is really wonderful to see old friends again, as well as to make new ones.

Several of us presented in some capacity or another. Deborah Ooten and Beth O’Hara presented on the Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics and Generational Conflict, which was well received with great feedback from participants. Arthur Kranz spoke about “The Enneagram Symbol and its Equivalent Forms from Ancient Times to the Future”, a very thought-provoking and fascinating look at the surprising “geneology” of the Enneagram and the myriad forms the symbol takes.


Charlene Taylor offered an innovative, new experience called the Creative Café, which ran throughout the conference and invited everyone to collaborate on an enormous art project by artistically responding to questions like “What is my wish for us?” This was accomplished with markers, paints, origami papers, fabrics and a myriad of other mixed media materials.


Conscious Dimensions, a creative team consisting of Deborah Ooten, Myra Baker, Dorothy Hatic, Lance White, Diane White, Zach White, Robin Grant, and Mary Barr Rhodes, previewed a project they have been working on for over two years, called N1 Awakening, a science fiction fantasy MMOG video game concept designed to entertain and educate audiences (ages 17+) in self-awareness and conscious evolution. Players will embody their fantasy avatars and embark on 9 amazing journeys throughout all 9 planets in the N1 Galaxy.



After the conference, Deborah Ooten was invited to appear on a panel of Enneagram Masters discussing hot button Enneagram questions for the nationally broadcast television show “Types, Your Personality Revealed” moderated by David Fauvre and Katherine Chernick Fauvre. The panel also included Jerry Wagner, Claus Olsen, Russ Hudson, Sandra De Clercq, Tom Condon and David Daniels.

Dorothy and I both thought it was the best conference we’ve attended and we were curious what others from CLC thought about the conference. We asked them two questions:  What were your favorite parts of the Conference? What really struck you at the conference or what did you take away that impacted you?

Ron said: “I always enjoy attending the International Enneagram Association Global Conference because of the opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world and to talk with established teachers and authors. Zen Buddhist teacher, Cheri Huber, opened the conference with a talk that embodied all three centers and exemplified present moment awareness.  Her humor and unadorned language made the concepts palpable and real.  Andrea Isaacs presented an experiential workshop that elucidated the embodiment of the Holy Ideas through somatics.  The cultivation of the body center interests me more as I progress in my own development.  How do we “wear” what we’re thinking and feeling?”

From Dorothy: ”For me, one of the highlights was attending Sunday’s classroom session with David Fauvre entitled “Unstuck!  How the Lines of Connection Resolve Dilemmas Revealed by the Wings.  David, a very soft-spoken and knowledgeable teacher, demonstrated both visually and through examples, his “wing” theory.  David’s class was mesmerizing.  He talked about his theory of how the wings of each type represent opposing energies creating a friction that then forms the type. David asserted that our difficult life choices are often found in the opposing or dualistic struggle of the wings.  Therefore, denying the needs of either wing does not present an answer to a dilemma.  The resolution, says David, to a problem is found along the lines of connection. I had the great fortune of sharing an exercise with a woman from San Francisco who actually teaches the enneagram in high school.  We shared a wonderful experience using David’s theory to solve a personal problem for her.”

Deb stated “my favorite part of the conference was the N1Awakening special event on Sat night. I also loved the Saturday night dance. What a perfect way to celebrate our community. I was most impacted by the beauty of the SCL community and the richness with which we contribute to the international community. I am always wowed by the wonderful people from all over the world.  I loved meeting Dirk Cloete and learning about his work in SA (South Africa).” Dirk is 31 and has created a company called Integrative Enneagram Solutions. He spent an evening having dinner with our crew and might even be able to visit us in Cincinnati this fall.

Diane said, “My favorite speakers this year were the Faurves who spoke about Tritypes. I never really understood why I don't look like a textbook five.  Identifying my Tritype as a 5-9-2 led me to a better understanding of my  behaviors. It will also be a great tool as I help others identify their enneagram type. Tritype theory explains why those sharing the same Tritype have a natural attraction to one another. For example, the 1-2-6, 2-1-6 and 6-1-2, are all focused on helping and being supportive of others, regardless of which type is dominant. Another highlight to the conference this year was having our son Zachary come with us. Working with the enneagram as a family has been an invaluable tool for us.  Being at the conference together made me think about what a positive impact the enneagram could have on so many families if this tool were more readily available.”

Lance’s “favorite part of the conference is always getting new ideas from speakers and other attendees about understanding and using the enneagram.  This was my third conference. It really struck me at this year’s conference that it was less about the enneagram itself and more about the applications of the enneagram. More speakers and people were talking about how a better understanding of self and others can help make the world a better place - and how we have a responsibility to do that. It seemed so much in line with what we learn at CLC.”

Arthur let us know that 3 presentations particularly stood out in his mind.  “I attended Osnat Yadgar’s, “Who is Talking Now?” in which she introduced really simple & pragmatic ways to distinguish the difference between the voices of the ego and essence. I really enjoyed David Daniels’ work on the three core emotions – fear, anger and distress. All our defensive mechanisms are trying to avoid these emotions and to move away from them. I also found the Conscious Dimensions N1 Awakening presentation to be particularly powerful and inspiring.”

For Beth “It is so hard to narrow down the best parts of the conference. I really enjoyed the Creative Café as a quieting and centering retreat from all the bustle of the conference. My two favorite presentations were Yoga Nine Ways by Debi Lewis and Arthur Kranz’s presentation. Yoga Nine Ways gave me a new way of looking at how I teach and practice yoga, further embodying all 3 centers. In Arthur’s presentation, I learned about Raymond Lull, an Enneagram father whom I hadn’t heard of before, and I also started seeing the Enneagram figure differently. The dance is always a blast. I love to dance and it is so fun to connect with my friends in a non-verbal, expressive way. Russ Hudson was the DJ again this year and he makes the dance floor rock. Most of all, it is wonderful to spend time with kindred souls. The connection of the heart and spirit is very dear to me and the conference creates space for that depth of interaction. I’m happy about new partnerships and am really looking forward to seeing my IEA friends again next year, hopefully sooner.”

Dorothy also commented on how fortunate we are here in Cincinnati to be serviced by our own year-round bevy of classroom experience from mindfulness workshops to yoga classes to singing bowls to panel discussions to emersion classes and beyond.  If you can imagine it, you can find it at CLC. 

Dorothy and I are still processing all we learned at the conference and we are all really looking forward to the 2013 IEA Global Conference in Denver, CO next year. We hope you will consider joining us for the fun at the next conference!




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