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Every Moment is Sacred by Leighah Roni Beadle-Darcy

Sep 4, 2023

“Every Moment is sacred.”

Ron Esposito



I miss Ron being in his earthly body. I miss him being Ron in the post-grad further development/Gurdjieff classes he was in with me that Deb of CLC runs. I wish he was still with us in body. And yet, what he has left us is so loud and clear. One of those things is ‘every moment is sacred’ – something he used to say that has been with me daily since his death in June. Every moment. No matter what is going on, no matter how mundane, no matter how annoying or how exciting, every single moment holds sacredness.


I have taken this with me to just about everything since it was mentioned at Ron’s Zoom memorial. Mammogram and the fear of new cancers or spreads and recurrences of old breast cancer – sacred; cleaning poop from my pet rats’ cages or where they were playing in the ballet room – sacred; sitting in work sessions on days I didn’t want to go to work for whatever reason – sacred; washing the dishes – sacred. Then the more obviously sacred moment like when a wild animal allowed me to pick her up to tend t her in her illness/injury, the thunderstorm in the throes of the night, that moment of peace in Nature where I realise that I am part of something so huge. From the Divine to the mundane, every moment is sacred.


I have found taking this ringing in my ears and my heart has helped me to ground my body in every situation and to make even the most difficult or boring of days a day of connection and meaning. If there is anything I can offer my coaching and therapy clients and my students going forward, it is that ‘every moment is sacred.’ I do not think we need much more than that to grow. The core of presence is in that very sentence. We do not need to be constantly looking inwards (Ok, there is nothing wrong with ‘inner work’, but I am talking about the balance and simplicity of what I think presence and growth is really about), nor do we need to look to the knowledgeable to grow.


All we need to do is engage with every single moment in as much as we can – not exaggerating it or pushing for an emotional response or clever intellectual words. We do not need to use clever techniques or read clever books (again nothing wrong with a good book and learning). No – one person has a monopoly on presence. We all have the present, and we all have access to the Divine (however you want to see that) and access to the divinity of the here and now where all the grounded meaningfulness resides.


So, with that, I will sign off and go and find meaning and be present to another round of pet poop that needs cleaning up! Sacred.



Leighah Roni Beadle-Darcy is the Founder (founded 2013) & Co-owner of Physis CEPD Services (formally Physis Arts, Sciences, and Therapies). BA(hons), MA, PG cert, Dip CPC/coun, Dip dance therapy, Cert nutrition, PHCP (MBTI), Certified Enneagram teacher and trainer through the School of Conscious Living. MBACP.