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Self Love is the Best by Jaime Koller

Mar 25, 2024


The first time I was professionally photographed as an adult was in 2003. I worked as a server at a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio. We had a regular customer named Michael that owned a salon and spa. He was a small guy, flamboyant, glam, and absolutely a staple at the bar. He asked me if I’d be interested in being a hair model for some marketing, surprised, I said “hell yes! “My hair was long with natural red waves. He asked me if I’d let him cut it off, and I thought why not, I always wore it in a ponytail anyway. So, he chopped it off and blew it out, after I also had professional makeup done. I felt like a badass. It was so much fun!


I look at these photos from 23 years ago and even though I look stunning, I remember how insecure I was, how I was always focused on people pleasing. How I only held value if someone else gave it to me. I loved to be validated and liked. When I was alone, I felt like I had no foundation. Lost, no direction. Not to mention my mental health was well, a little wild.


When I received my photos, I could only see my flaws. And guess what? I’m the same today except it’s the lines on my face instead of acne. But look at me. I’ve been a rock star all this time. I see her in there.


So, when will I own my rockstar self? When will I stop being insecure and playing small? When will I be enough for me?


Therapy and coaching have been immensely helpful. I am growing and becoming more confident, but I have so far to go in taking care of myself. I guess that’s the point of aging. To get better at this thing called life. To learn to truly take care of ourselves, our mental, physical, and spiritual self. Because only then can we rise and claim our dreams. Only then can we truly be there for others. Only then will we be able to look back in joy.


Let me tell you, there is no way in being an entrepreneur that you will not face yourself every second of everyday. There’s no way you can overlook yourself and your habits. There they are looking back at you with the question, “Is this what you really want? Are you going to replay yesterday, again?”


What about you? Are you taking care of you? Or only the people around you? Are you living your life in gratitude? Or are you focused on lack?


“It’s a choice”, she said. They’ve all said it. And I know it. So, I’m wondering, will I listen and make a change? Or will I wait another day, another year, another decade?


Only time will tell; I guess I could make the choice.


When was the last time you were professionally photographed? How do you see yourself when you look back?



I remember the photographer was having difficulty with one of his lights (been there). It’s not fun. I patiently waited, no problem. I could tell he was nervous. You can see the difference in lighting. I prefer the expression in the image that the main light didn’t fire, but I think he did a great job.


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 Owner at Jaime Koller Photography

 Jaime Koller is a professional photographer in the greater Cincinnati area. She owns and operates Jaime Koller Photography. Personal Branding and Portrait Photography are her specialties. Through her photography she works to empower women to love themselves as they are today. Jaime attended the School of Conscious Living and is a certified Enneagram Teacher and Trainer.