The Functional Healing Matrix© by Beth O'Hara

Ten years ago, I started having flare ups where I was unable to walk or work because of joint inflammation and severe chronic fatigue. I have had debilitating panic attacks, anxiety, and depression on top of painful gut issues and tortuous, chronic insomnia. My food sensitivities got to the point to where I had only have thirty safe foods. I saw over fifty doctors and healing practitioners in the span of twenty and tried hundreds of approaches. A few of these helped, and many made me much worse. At one point, the top holistic doctor in this area told me he reached the end of what he knew to do. As you can imagine, I felt very alone.

Eventually, I decided I had to take responsibility for my own health. I set out on a journey to learn what was causing my health issues and what might be underlying chronic conditions for many others who struggle to get better. While I do still have occasional joint and fatigue flare ups, now only when I severe stress or injury, I am significantly better than I was several years ago. I no longer suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, I eat a variety of foods, my gut is much better, and my body continues to heal.

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