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Trust: Roadblocks and Practices by Deborah Ooten

Jun 17, 2023
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Type 1
Core belief:  I am not accepted unless I am perfect.
Habit: Heavy self-criticism which leads to external criticism
Trust Practice: Practice gentleness and acceptance of self and others in all situations.


Type 2
Core belief:  To be loved I must meet the needs of others.
Habit:  Seeking approval and likability/loveability from outside creating neediness
Trust Practice: Practice giving and receiving approval and validation from within.


Type 3
Core belief:  I am rewarded for doing, not being.
Habit:  Chameleon-like image to obtain accolades or feel successful
Trust Practice:  Practice loving self for being.


Type 4
Core belief:  I am deficient and lacking, leading to fear of abandonment.
Habit:  Creating image of specialness to avoid feeling deeply flawed
Trust Practice:  Practice appreciating the beauty and what is present within self.


Type 5
Core belief:  The world and others demand too much from me.
Habit:  Managing energy and withholding from self and others
Trust Practice:  Practice remembering that energy is abundant and infinitely replenished.


Type 6
Core belief:  The world is a dangerous place and I am not safe and secure.
Habit:  Doubting and questioning self and others
Trust Practice:  Practice listening to inner authority.


Type 7
Core belief:  The world is limiting and too painful.
Habit:  Difficulty staying constant with self and others due to fear of being limited
Trust Practice: Practice remembering that constancy in each moment is what creates options.


Type 8
Core belief:  The world is unjust and power-imbalanced.
Habit:  Fear that others will try to control me, threatening my innocence
Trust Practice: Practice slowing down and allowing, relaxing into innocence.


Type 9
Core belief:  I must avoid conflicts at all costs to be ok.
Habit:  Blending in and neglecting priorities for self
Trust Practice: Practice standing up and speaking up for yourself.




Dr. Deborah Ooten is the founder and director of the Conscious Living Center.