The Inner Journey

By Deborah Ooten- November 2008

There is a wisdom that resides inside all of us that is divinely connected to all that exists. This inner wisdom knows our deepest desires and what it will take for us to live a life that is fully expressed. To be fully expressed means that we are living in synch with the purpose for which we were intended. It means that we are living fully, healthfully and happily in all aspects of work, play and self-care. To be fully expressed means that we are not compromising in order to merely exist.

 Mere existence involves living habitually, on automatic pilot and not “choosing” how our life will be expressed. Choosing can only happen from a place of deep centeredness and from complete awareness. To be fully centered and aware requires a spiritual practice that involves establishing a connection with our “inner observing self”. The observing self is that part of our true self that is able to discern habit from essence and to be truly in line with our higher purpose.

 It is only by looking inward that we can begin to “take charge” of our life and “choose” how we will spend every ounce of energy that we have.

 Begin by honestly taking a look at your life. Is this the life I choose to live? Am I compromising or selling out on myself in order to have an existence or to just exist? Am I truly doing and being what I believe I have come to earth to be and accomplish?  If there are ways that you answer no to these questions, then make a pact with yourself that requires you to institute a change daily. Sometimes it helps to share this new “intention” with someone else—a best friend, a spiritual advisor, or life coach.

 Recognize that each time you place a new intention into existence that all of the obstacles possible will present themselves in order to detour you from your path. This is the universe’s way of testing to make sure that you really want to live authentically in each and every day. Don’t give up! Hold fast to the new intention that will take you one step closer to the divine and true expression of who you truly are.

 FEAR is our greatest obstacle. It tells us that we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, fast enough…It is vital that we look deeply into fear and realize that this is just a lower aspect of our self that is trying to keep us from our true purpose or course that is a divine birth right to all of us. I remember cartoons from my childhood that often depicted an angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other. To me this cartoon is a reminder of the choice that is ever present to each one of us. Will we choose the lower side of the self, our personality—the little devil—or will we choose the angel, the side of us that is fully aligned with the divine or higher purpose that enables us to live life fully expressed?

 Dr. David Daniels (a wonderful teacher of mine) reminds us that consciousness or awareness is never habitual but must be worked on. Habit is always habit and it is willing to reassert itself into our lives non-stop.  Take time to look inside, establish the observing self, and find your true journey that will enable you to be fully expressed. Give yourself permission to choose a new course of action every day. Invite someone into your life that will help you stay accountable to yourself and the journey. You can’t believe how easy it is to talk yourself out of the path that is divinely yours. Stay true to a spiritual practice that will help you to reveal the true inner/outer path for your life.

 The purpose of life is to express your self fully in each and every moment, to be the divine creation that you were intended to be. Accept nothing less for your self. Recognize those “little devils” that convince you to just exist not live and just say NO to them.

 Blessings on your journey!





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