Weekly Enneagram Emersion I Certification Program: ONLINE!

Weekly on Wednesdays, beginning March 6, 2024

Weekly on Wednesdays, 10:00am-12pm EST

Online Enneagram Emersion Certification Program
with Dr. Deborah Ooten and Cathy Hudson

Scholarship and Payment Plans available please contact us for details.

Enneagram Emersion Online!

An Emersion occurs when an eclipsed body reappears, moving from the shadow of the eclipse into the light: a symbol of transformation. Change and upheavel are becoming a part of daily life through economic, environmental, political and cultural shifts. Enneagram Emersion provides the tools to embrace change from a place of receptivity, awareness, choice, inner security and empowerment as well as opportunities to transform your relationships with yourself, others and the world.

Enneagram Emersion is an intensive program of education, exploration and conscious journeying with a core group of individuals. The Seminars, extending over a one year period, assist participants in identifying roadblocks present in their lives. This program will help those involved realize their full potential in all areas of life - work, play, and self care through exploration of the Enneagram.   Living consciously involves inner work that requires more than a class or two. Enneagram Emersion is designed to provide inner direction for a lifetime journey using multiple experiential teachings to stimulate the body, mind, and heart!

EEI is a 4 seminar program to work deeply on the self through the Enneagram.  EEII is four seminars of work applying the Enneagram to work with the world and understanding levels of consciousness.  EEII also prepares students to apply the Enneagram in more depth personally, professionally, and to become certified Enneagram trainers and teachers.

Let Dr. Ooten and Cathy Hudson guide you through the inner landscape with ancient wisdom teachings using a new innovative course design!

To register, contact Deborah Ooten using the registration form or call

Scholarship and Payment Plans available please contact us for details.

Detailed Program Description

Enneagram Emersion I

Session 1
History and mission of the Enneagram
Three Centers of Intelligence: Mental, Emotional, Physical
Balancing and Integrating the Three Centers
Nine Types: Enneagram of Personality
Identifying Personal Roadblocks
Self Observation and Meditation

Session 2
Dynamic Movements
Law of One, Three and Seven

Session 3
Panel Day - in-depth narrative study of the Nine Types
Misidentifications of Types
Identifying Reactivity to Type

Session 4
Enneagram of Essence
Passion and Virtues
Fixations and Holy Ideas
Process Enneagram and Map of Everything
Decision Making and Change Management

Enneagram Emersion II

Session 1
Introduction to Spiral Dynamics®
Levels of Consciousness
Debriefing SD Assessments
Personal Change Project

Session 2
Debrief Personal Change Projects
Spiral Dynamics® Level 2
Conditions for Personal and Cultural Change
Personality Types and Levels of Consciousness
Social Change Project

Session 3
Debrief Social Change Project
How to Conduct Typing Interviews
Understanding Personal Filters
Applying Enneagram and Levels of Consciousness
Consciousness and Manifestation
Consciousness and Abundance

Session 4
Typing Interviews - Enneagram Certification
Question and Answer

Taught online in a live environment. Participants will need to have a device (preferably laptop or desktop) with high speed internet access, a headset with microphone, and a webcam. Participants will receive supplemental reading materials, exercises and all recordings. Here is a sneak peak of our online class environment:


Program Details

Participants will deepen their understanding of themselves and others through interaction and exercises to illuminate the Types with compassion. This course is highly interactive and experiential, engaging all centers to create greater self-understanding.

Watch Lynn's testimonial

"I really feel like I connect to the trainers. There's a cohesiveness that they have that makes you very comfortable in learning and tuning in to what's really going on. This is a good place for me." -Lynn, Enneagram Emersion Graduate, Type 4


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