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Holy Ideas - the Antidote to the Fixations

With: Ron Esposito, MA

Date(s): Ferbuary 7, 9-11pm EST

Location: Online via Zoom

Register: Meetup

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Topic: "Being and Everythingness" - Ron will guide us in better understanding the 9 Holy Ideas and how they offer the antidote to the 9 mental fixations of the types.

Presenter: Ron Esposito, M.A. is a certified Life Coach and IEA-accredited Enneagram Teacher. Ron is on the School of Conscious Living faculty at the Conscious Living Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has presented numerous times on Enneagram spirituality at IEA conferences in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Ron has been published in the Enneagram Journal and Nine Points and, along with Deborah Ooten, released the CD, “Lifting The Veil: Enneagram Meditations,” featuring Tibetan and crystal singing bowls. A lifelong student of spirituality and mysticism, he presents with passion and an open heart.

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