The School of Conscious Living Presents: 9 Sessions 2022, Continuing the Journey

February 14th: Session 1, The Golden Shadow
March 14th: Session 2, Lessons Learned from Trees
April 11th: Session 3, Children and the Enneagram
May 9: Session 4, Cinderella, Gurdjieff’s Carriage and Learning from Fairytales
June 13: Session 5, Passion. Fixation. Virtue.
July 11: Session 6, Enneagram of Process
August 8: Session 7, Knowing. Instincts. Unknowing.
September 12: Session 8, Dreams
October date TBA: Session 9, Celebration
Detailed session descriptions below

10am to 12pm EST / 5pm-7pm Egypt February only, 6-8pm Egypt March - October

with Dr. Deborah Ooten, PhD and Cathy Hudson, BS

9 Sessions 2022 will be a series held online once a month over a 9-month period exploring topics that our students, over the many years, have asked about. Starving for a more in depth look at what the ancient Enneagram is really telling us as individuals and as a collective.  Going beyond and working to loosen the ego.               

We have used the Enneagram in our lives to get around our defenses and blind spots so we could practice truth.  Knowing our Enneagram number gave us eyes to see how image, wounds, lies, triggers, and default responses shaped us. Recognizing our number was just the beginning of a journey.  Let us now continue this journey together. And this time, let us explore the reality of our inner harmony and gifts. Our beautiful divine being. Knowing that love and light created and shaped us too.

All classes will be interactive. We will engage in experiential activities to learn more about each topic.

The program consists of 9 2-hour classes held once a month:


Session 1: The Golden Shadow

Monday, February 14th 10am to 12pm EST / 5pm-7pm Egypt

Cost: $100

Free for those who attended the IEA Egypt Conference

The Golden Shadow is our submerged greatness, and it hides undiscovered strengths. Our strengths wait for us to heal our emotional wounds. Our unique gifts live behind the gate of our emotional pain. Presented by Deborah.

What is your submerged greatness?


Session 2: Lessons Learned from Trees

Monday, March 14th 10am to 12pm EST/ NOTE Daylight Savings time

Class time changes: 6pm-8pm Egypt

Cost: $100

“We are all leaves of one tree. We are all waves on one sea.” Thich Nhat Hanh

During the pandemic, for almost a full year, Deborah, like many of us, spent her time alone, at her Ashville home. Not surprisingly she found comfort by meditating and looking up at the trees. She will share with us the life and death lessons learned from trees during a pandemic.

What did you experience during the pandemic, what are you experiencing presently and how do you continue to take care of yourself?


Session 3: Children and the Enneagram

Monday, April 11th 3 to 5pm EST / 9pm-11pm Egypt

Cost: $100

In 2019 Deborah and Cathy presented Children are our Future: Typing Children. First presented on the Shift Network and then at the IEA conference. You know who you are. You found the beauty, power, and mystery of the enneagram. This class will help you explore how best to introduce children to the enneagram.


Session 4: Cinderella, Gurdjieff’s Carriage and Learning from Fairytales

Monday, May 9th 10am to 12pm EST / 6pm-8pm Egypt

Cost: $100

“Manifestation is the working of natural laws of energy exchange and transference within a consciousness of the Whole and through an attunement to the Presence of the Wholeness, God.” D. Ooten, Consciousness and Manifestation.

So, was Cinderella just a gal that wanted to marry a prince? Or was she really a luminous being in her complete soul state learning to merge with consciousness and the rhythm of the whole of creation? Presented by Deborah and Cathy

What is your favorite fairytale? And what does it tell you?


Session 5: Passion. Fixation. Virtue.

Monday, June 13th 10am to 12pm EST / 6pm-8pm Egypt

Cost: $100

Introducing T. Lynn Brinson, MRC, LICDC and a graduate of the School of Conscious Living.  She, along with Deborah and Cathy, will present and explore each of the ego’s passions, fixations, and virtues.


Session 6: Enneagram of Process

Monday, July 11th 10am to 12pm EST/ 6pm -8pm Egypt

Cost: $100

Deborah and Dahlia Dower will present the Enneagram of Process.

The symbol is elegant, even beautiful. Ouspensky reports Gurdjieff as saying: "All knowledge can be included in the enneagram and with the help of the enneagram it can be interpreted. And in this connection only what a man can put into the enneagram does he actually know, that is understand...Everything can be included and read in the enneagram" The way to use the enneagram practically is to work with someone who knows.


Session 7: Knowing. Instincts. Unknowing

Monday, August 8th 10am to 12pm EST/ 6pm -8pm Egypt

Cost: $100

The Instinct-Moving part of any centre is the most mechanical part and it is in these mechanical divisions of centres that people spend their lives as a rule. P.D. Ouspensky

Instincts work through the ego and are a mode of protection and survival. How do we work to balance the instincts if they are hindbrain, happening in the rearview mirror? In this class we will explore the instincts at a higher level.


Session 8: Dreams

Monday, September 12th 10am to 12pm EST/ 6pm -8pm Egypt

Cost: $100

Dreams are messengers to us from the unknown. They are voices from our collective. The dreams of the Prophet Muhammad marked the beginning of his revelation, the noble Qurʾān which changed the face of human history. Ibn Sirin, Dictionary of Dreams.

This will be a very fun and open conversation and interpretations of what our dreams are telling us. Bring us your dreams.


Session 9: Celebration

October TBA – IN EGYPT?

Cost: $100

Please stay tuned! The hope is that we will all be in Egypt together. And this will be the last class in this series. A celebration. AND we can begin to plan the next 9 classes for 2023.


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