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David Charpentier has a passion for helping people lead successful and fulfilled lives. David believes the greater the understanding of self, the more success we have leading, being part of a group and thriving in relationships. David brings a wealth of experience to his work as a certified Enneagram teacher and trainer in the narrative tradition, as well as a certified Executive Life Coach.

David’s unique background inspires his results-oriented, compassionate, approach. With a BA in History and Secondary Education and a minor in Military Science, David pursued a career in the United States Army where he served for six years on active duty as a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Officer. David functioned both as a subject matter expert advising senior leaders and in leadership roles – managing large and diverse teams. He is a graduate of the US Army Ranger School, the Army’s Elite Light Infantry Training course. David then went on to successfully transition into Corporate America where he worked in sales and operations for Fortune 500 companies – selling, implementing and managing multi-million dollar deals. The unique ability to understand a customer’s needs and motivations and his specialty in helping sales teams unlock their potential drove David’s success.

In addition to a breadth of experience in the corporate world, David’s passion for this work grew out of his own desire to understand himself better. Being the oldest child in a family of five adopted children brought unique opportunities to understand family dynamics and personalities at an early age. Those opportunities continue to present themselves to David and his wife Susan, who are raising four children in a blended family. David’s first-hand experience as a stepfather and in co-parenting add to David’s rich understanding of the complexities of life. It was his decision to experience being stay-at-home dad for six years that contributed to his multi-faceted skill set and gave David the ability to fuse his passions. His certifications and experience in executive leadership paired with his desire to help and understand people equip David with the skills necessary to coach both professionally and compassionately.

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