School of Conscious Living

The School of Conscious Living is an intensive program of education, exploration and conscious journeying with a core group of individuals taught by Dr. Deborah Ooten and Beth O'Hara.

Living consciously involves inner work that requires more than a weekend or two. The School of Conscious Living is designed to provide direction for a lifetime journey.

Enneagram Emersion

The  Enneagram Emersion seminars are a deep study of the Enneagram of Personality and the Levels of Consciousness, applying self-knowledge and awareness to transforming roadblocks to be able to realize full potential in all areas of life.  With the completion of the second year of the program, participants have the opportunity to become certified as an Enneagram Teachers and Trainers and to empower others to create transformation in their own lives.

Consciousness Ascending

Consciousness Ascending is an advanced class for those that have completed the two year Enneagram Emersion classes.

Consciousness Ascending is designed to assist the student to gain a deeper understanding and embodiment of the intellectual knowledge and concepts that were offered in the first two years of the School.

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