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(More) Reflections on Us and Our World Today by Bonnie Brinkman

Aug 2, 2020

So many of my colleagues, friends, acquaintances, and maybe you, are experiencing a cornucopia overflowing with NEW.

I like new.

I usually welcome new.

I don’t like much of the new I’ve been experiencing, and I’m leaning, more than ever, on many sources that resonate with me, that can help me appreciate being in the here of the new & now; the only place I can be my real self.  The following are some words I’ve read, thought, been told, and get some sanity from, so I can roll with the New. I wish we could be pen pals, so you could share yours, too.

Admit, feel and accept your vulnerabilities
Stay with uncomfortable material
Smile more
Talk more, when the content really matters
Don’t let others’ pain, conflict or problems  take you down; you’ll miss the potent part you can play in the moment
Continue growing, and become as healthy as possible
It’s okay to feel scared and not know
Struggle every day to make a difference-you can.
Anxiety is a compass trying to give direction
Every today parallels life- trust, love, loss, acceptance, and letting go
Keep planting seeds. The ones meant to germinate will take off and bud, sprout and grow
Remember that when we’re feeling like we’re falling apart, it may mean that we are simply coming together.
Let’s keep the virtual hugging, supporting, encouraging, and loving in our everday events. I join you in embracing this challenging time. We are not alone!

Bonnie Brinkman, and her wife, Darcy Jack, offer the 2-day training on Safe Conversations in the “Getting The love You Want” workshop for couples created by Dr. Harville Hendrix, and his wife, Helen LaKelly Hunt.