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Emotions & Essential Oils by Ronnie Robertson

Nov 13, 2018

Essential oils are also used in a variety of cleaning products we may purchase for use in our homes to add an appealing fragrance to mask many of the harsh chemicals in many common formulations. Did you know that in some over the counter supplements, essential oils may be added to formulas to provide therapeutic benefits which impact health? Many users of these products may not even realize they are ingesting essential oils and don’t realize what a profound effect they can have on their body.  Many people deal with chronic pain on some scale each and every day as a result of something known as autoimmunity. This can be recognized as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic degenerative disc disease, IBD, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis Fibromyalgia and more. The diagnosis of autoimmune disorder can come in many forms diagnosed by a physician. 

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