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Children and the Enneagram: A Dog is a Great Way to Loosen the Ego! by Cathy Hudson

Dec 31, 2019

“When a Dog chooses to act as a spiritual guide or an aid, you can trust in it for protection, alertness, bravery, devotion, and constancy.” –Whatismyspiritanimal.com

Dog and boy sleeping

Without intention, my Dad/Great Grandpa taught me about the wonder awesome beasts, dogs.

I started out life with a dog. His name was Burney and he and I would be put outside together. Me in my playpen, Burney leashed to a tree beside me. I really do not recollect this, but my older sister likes to tell the story of the 2 of us out in the backyard. Unattended. Yep. In those days this is how Mom took a break!

When I was 3 years old, we moved. Burney disappeared. I remember this because I have a vivid memory of my Dad and me driving around our new neighborhood calling out the window of the car. I remember my Dad gently telling me that Burney ran away and would not be coming back. I would have dreams about Burney after that. Running. Not away, but playfully running through the large wooded area that we now lived next to. On occasion, I still have this dream.

I must give my Dad a lot of credit for this moment. Burney did not actually run away. Burney had passed. But if he/my Dad had told me the truth, I know my dreams would have been different.

I did not have another dog of my own until I was married, with 2 children. Her name was Jersey. A rescue. She looked a lot like Burney (to me), but when my Dad met Jersey, he said she was much bigger than Burney. Let me just pause here and say that my Dad is and always will be the ultimate dog lover.

This is and will always be the best way I know how to connect with my Dad. Yep, dog love.

So today we have Maggie. We adopted her the same year my grandson was born. The 80-pound beast. Not the wonder awesome dog I thought I would spend many a sunny day with. She is a runner. A counter surfer. And horrible on lead. And, a gentle giant with my grandson. And Great Grandpa approved.

And so, my grandson is starting out life, as I did, with a dog. And, with very much intention, I will teach him about this wonder awesome beast of love.

In Love Always,

Gaga Lala

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Cathryn S. Hudson (Gaga Lala) works with the Conscious Living Center, The School of Conscious Living and Conscious Dynamics. She is a certified teacher in the narrative tradition of the Enneagram from the School of Conscious Living and holds a BS degree from the University of Cincinnati from the School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning.