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Intensive Certification Training: The Feeling/Heart/Emotion Center 2024

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Location:Camp McDowell 105 Delong Road Nauvoo, AL, 35578 United States (map)

January (1/18-1/20) Intensive:

The Feeling/Heart/Emotion Center 

A Message from Dr. Howell

You will be excited to know that world famous Enneagram teacher Deborah Ooten will be our keynote and guest presenter at the ICB January 2024 Intensive at Camp McDowell.

It was an honor for Lark and me to meet Deborah in Cairo, Egypt in 2019 at an International Enneagram Association Global Conference. There I experienced a very spiritual and wise lady of many talents.

Deborah has a deep love for the spirituality of the Enneagram. When we found we had this in common, I invited her to share her teachings with ICB. Since then, the pandemic and other blocks got in our way, but she will definitely be with us in January.

At this Intensive, Deborah will teach on the Heart Center of Intelligence. She will explore the ego and soul energies of Points Two, Three and Four. She is also also presenting a powerful keynote entitled, The “Hearts of the Nine Points.”

Please join our excitement about our having Deborah Ooten for the January Intensive.


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