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The Hidden Wisdom of Barbie

With: Dr. Deborah Ooten

Date(s): Saturday June 1st, 10am to 2pm EST

Location: Online via Zoom

$125 per person

If you are on automatic, you are dead and unconscious. If you are not observing, you are on automatic. 

- Dr. Deborah Ooten

We are not sure if Greta Gerwig intended the movie to be a fourth way teaching? Yet, we have our suspicions. Our belief is she would love to see her movie as an example of awakening. A movie with a message of transformation and universal consciousness. Fact: The Barbie movie is the 14th highest grossing movie of all time; Avatar is at number one. 

Barbie World is very mechanical. Each day is the same. Barbie, all the Barbie's wake every day to the same routine except for maybe their wardrobe? So, what prompts Barbie to go beyond her everyday world, a world she loves and is accustomed to?  

Barbie, a momentous leap? Everyone has an opinion about her, and she is only a doll.  Is she just a plastic doll and a mechanical being, or has she come into our lives to teach us something? 

Let's find out. 

Using Barbie, Dr. Ooten, and the Gurdjieff teachings as our guide we will explore a journey to the higher self. There is no need to be well versed in the enneagram typing system or the fourth way teachings of Gurdjieff. And, if you happen to be a Gurdjieffian, you will absolutely love the awakening of Barbie.  You will experience a fun and interactive class using Barbie (and Dr. Ooten) as our guide to the higher self. 

Together we will explore and discuss these topics:

Exploring the 3 foods required to awaken.

We will explore the 3 foods required to awaken. Gurdjieff teaches that a person, in this case Barbie, must have 3 key foods to awaken. Each can create waste or wasted energy if not carefully cultivated. Only one is given, which is the 1st food: Air. Therefore, Barbie needs these 3 foods: 

1st food: Air

2nd food: Impressions

3rd food: Real food 

If you join this class, you already have acquired these 3 foods, however, if you are not aware that you already contain each, must cultivate each, you will remain a mechanical being on automatic pilot. In depth, Dr. Ooten will explain and explore each of these required foods.  

Exploring 3 Key questions with Barbie:

1. What were you made for? 

 They are all mechanical beings not recognizing their true self. Barbie World is on automatic and therefore asleep. She, the other Barbies and all the Kens have the same day every day. And it is one simple thought that begins her journey to consciousness, the thought of dying. As Barbie moves through Barbie World and into the real world, she begins to understand that she doesn't know who she really is. Her one simple thought of dying has started a transformation. A journey to explore " who are you really?" 

Who are you really? 

The mechanical Barbie begins her journey into the real world. Her 1st thought as she enters is "I'm conscious, but it is myself I am conscious of." 

  1. How will you continue your journey?

We will discuss cultivating the 3 foods and having a daily practice of self-observation.  Remember, Buddhists take refuge in three different expressions of the awakened mind: the buddha (for Barbie this is Weird Barbie and Ruth Handler), the dharma, and the sangha.

This class will not be recorded. All content cannot be duplicated in any way. No content is for commercial use. The intention is for teaching only. 

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