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Dr. Deb Ooten

Deborah Ooten, PhD

Deborah A. Ooten, PhD, is the founder/director of the Conscious Living Center. She has her doctorate in clinical psychology, is an occupational therapist and is a trained craniosacral therapist and a Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition. Deborah is certified by Don Beck, PH.D in Spiral Dynamics®.

She is the founder and CEO of Conscious Dynamics, LLC, Bold Companies Created One Person At A Time.

Dr. Ooten founded Consciousness In Action, working together to make a more conscious world and serves as President of the board. Deborah is the past President of the Mount Auburn Chamber of Commerce.

She served on the board of the International Enneagram Association for 6 years as the President of the International Enneagram Association and the Vice President of the International Enneagram Association's USA Affiliate.  

Deborah believes that lives can be transformed by attending to how our personality separates us from ourselves, others and the divine. Deborah is a powerful presenter, a compassionate listener and a dynamic change agent.

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Deborah Ooten - Future Ready Interview from Navjit Kandola of Tenderlogic:


"Your presentation really moved me. As a Four, I am challenged at the work place (with 9s, 8s and 7s primarily) and my son is a 7 and daughter a 6 - additional challenges. You offered so many excellent tools on communicating with each style. I am learning to relax in others' different filters - understanding my own - not taking myself personally." - Ariana