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The Holy Ideas by Ron Esposito

Feb 27, 2020

The ideas of Holy Perfection, Holy Will, Holy Law, Holy Origin, Holy Omniscience, Holy Faith, Holy Plan, Holy Truth and Holy Love are cornerstones of the mystical tradition that cut across all boundaries and dogma to reveal what is Real.

Holy Perfection: When we fully show up in the “here and now” the moment is always perfect.  Perfection is “what is.”  The unfolding of Reality is perfection.  Trust the process.  The mind imagines terrible things, tragedies…  We do not ignore suffering or refuse to help.  We bring our support with compassion.  Holy Perfection helps us to realize that we cannot discern the big picture from our limited ego perspective.  We must look beyond appearances.  Through presence we perceive unity, goodness and perfection in this moment.

Holy Will: In the consciousness of the non-dual perspective of Holy Will we acknowledge that there is only one Will, one unfolding Reality and that the ego only thinks that it is making things happen.  Self-will run riot makes our lives unmanageable.  In surrender we see that everything is in God’s hands as a palpable reality.  Freedom results from unattaching to the ego.  Freedom describes the feeling of openness when we experience the unfoldment of Divine Will.

Holy Law: This holy idea corrects the false perception that the ego is accomplishing something; that the ego is the source of doing and functioning.  From the non-dual experience of Essence, everything is One.  Our mental activity defines objects and divides experience into different categories.  Through Holy Law we perceive the living unity of everything as an unfolding process.  There is no independent doing or accomplishment because everything is happening together.  We understand in a direct way that God is doing a good job.

Holy Origin: The ego agenda is to sustain a particular identity, to be an individual.  When the inherent unreality of the ego is revealed we become aware of “being” as the source and origin of our true identity.  We have direct experience of “essence” as our true identity – Holy Origin.  We are not separate from anything; our true nature partakes of the whole of Reality; all parts of the universe are manifesting a tremendous creative intelligence; we are an aspect of that creative flow and cannot be otherwise.

Holy Omniscience: The direct knowing of Essence.  The Universe knows Itself through us.  When abiding in our true nature our minds are clear and we know the Intelligence behind our limited ego minds.  We see both the endlessly transforming manifestation of Reality as well as its underlying depths.  We feel transparent.  Nothing is “stuck” in our consciousness.  We practice non-attachment.  Reality is perceived with a penetrating clarity that does not require the exertions of the ego mind to understand.  We know.

Holy Faith: True Faith is beyond belief.  It is an experience of the real support of Presence and Being that is existing right now.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We realize that it does not matter whether we believe this or not any more than it matters whether we believe in gravity.  It “is”.  Holy Faith infuses us with unshakable confidence in the inherent goodness of life and the universe.  Everything is purposeful.  Through Holy Faith we trust and have courage to respond spontaneously to what arises in the moment not bound by beliefs, habit and doubt.

Holy Plan: The ego’s desires to steer reality in preferred directions is seen through. We know that in this moment we are having the optimal experience for our souls to have.  When we know that satisfaction is a by-product we are not attached to having a particular experience but recognize that the quality of our awareness and presence determine the degree of satisfaction derived from any experience.  The deepest level of the soul knows that we are part of the Holy Plan.  When we abide in constancy and gratitude there is no need to plan, anticipate or figure out where we are going.  In surrender to the Holy Plan we find the pleasure is in the journey itself.

Holy Truth: Direct experience simplifies concepts that can be hard to grasp.  Through direct experience a veil is lifted and conceptual thought is transformed in an instant to “knowing.”  The Holy Truth is simply that “all is one.”  There is only one Reality, one existence that is here happening right now.  All of the different levels of existence, all of the endless manifestations, light and darkness, surface and depth, being and non-being, form and formlessness are all part of one unfathomable reality that collectively is the Truth.  Everything is an aspect of the one, indivisible Reality.  All dualities are fundamentally illusory.  Everything exists in God — this is non-dual perception of Reality.  In this knowledge is liberation and the peace that surpasses understanding.

Holy Love: Everything is made from Divine Love.  When we know this we can trust and rest in Being to support us.  The Divine loves us as It loves Itself.  We are made in the image and likeness of the Divine.  With the Love of the Universe coursing through our veins we cultivate compassion, nobility and unshakable inner peace.  God is Love.  Holy Love has a dynamic affect on our souls inflaming the virtue of action in an embrace of the dynamism of Reality.  Love is a living, dynamic force dissolving all barriers and boundaries, working to restore to our awareness its unity with Truth.