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The Fall of the Father – Return to the Mother by Dahlia Dowler

Oct 15, 2020

We were betrayed by the longstanding rule and dominion of the Father. The one who carries “The Word”. The one who carries “The Truth”. The one who knows “The Way”.

But we have reached the apex, the peak, the summit and extreme of a regime that can no longer reign. The rule and influence of the Father has become tainted over centuries of corruption, abuse and destruction.

I speak of the archetype, the corrupted file in the collective cloud. The file that now has to pass through a multitude of filters, so now the image is far from original. The Father is now broken, because the image was an illusion. Those who claim to have the answer and have all under control are now being put to the test of authenticity, truth and integrity.

The illusions shatter and the promises dissolve. The Father knows not what comes now. For he only sees what he desires to obtain or what he has in his hands. But truth does not belong in the hands of the corrupted, broken and abused.

I speak not of the man who cares for the child, nor the teacher who generously guides the student. I speak of the hierarchies, the pyramids, the structures and the organisations. Those who believe they held the keys to power over all. Now the illusion shatters, structure shatters. Power is not for the few… it’s now for the many.

The old must make way for the new.

We return to The Mother. The Mother screams and wails as the new birth is in commencement. It’s time she heals from the painful process and neglect she’s experienced. We return to the Mother to nourish, to recharge, to be reborn.

The Mother calls and the Child comes. The Child screams and the Mother runs. The Child seeks and searches for the womb and now she’s come. The Mother waited as she gestated the new birth. The time has come. Time has come for the Feminine to find solid ground and the Masculine to return to her side.

It’s not the demise of the Masculine that is coming but the illusion of the “Ones who knows all”. They know not. The time for seeking the keys and answers in others has changed. We no longer require the “Chosen ones”, for every single creature is the “Chosen One”. We have the keys; we have the answers – we only need ask, to hear.

The Masculine collapses under the weight of the illusion of The Father and returns to the breasts of The Mother. The Feminine arises to embrace her role as the World heals, the Universe expands and the Humans awaken.

The New Era has come, only the malleable shall survive and Love is the key.