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Puppy Breath by Tina Neyer

Dec 2, 2019

As a writer, it’s hard not to notice the small things in life. On Saturday, November 30 a new little being came into our lives. Her name is Molly, and she is an eight week old Great Pyrenees mix puppy. Our sweet old Chester, a Labrador mix, passed away in September just days before Molly was born, as we found out later. She appeared on the Stray Animal Adoption Program website, and we began to fall in love even before we met her. When we walked into the location where she was waiting, I knew in an instant that she would be part of our family.

Was it the white socks, the little white beard marking her mostly black body? Who can tell. Her eyes are a beautiful brown that peers out from long lashes of white, and she has a sort of circular white around where her heart is. We have been inseparable since we walked out of the Petsmart with her in the crook of my arm.

The smell of puppy breath reminds me of the essence of love. December is a time when love and hate compete for our attention. Be mindful of the bubbling love for even the smallest of things this season. Find your sanctuary in the quiet darkness of the season and take in the colored lights that dance in a child’s eyes.

We are on this earth for only a brief time. Celebrate the magic and remember that we cannot fully live in the light without having known the darkness.

Tina Neyer puppy