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Coronavirus: Pandemic Protection Over Panic by Ronnie Robertson

Mar 16, 2020

The recent news about the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been a huge shock to all of us, and I am not going to pretend that this situation is anything less than alarming and heartbreaking. My heart goes out to all who have been affected by this outbreak now being referred to as a pandemic. In some way, whether infected or not, we are ALL being affected in some way by COVID-19.

It can be easy to find yourself pulled into the stress and panic as all local stores are selling out of common household items such as toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning agents and hygiene products and other items like rubber gloves and face masks. Stores are also selling out of food items and bottled water, and they can hardly keep their shelves stocked. Deliveries are delayed, and nearly every system we rely on and take for granted is being stressed and is under pressure around the globe right now – everywhere!

But in sight of this, I’m hoping to bring you some sense of calm and comfort if possible.  I blame the media for provoking hysteria that many are experiencing.  But as with any new outbreak, or threat of disease, the FEAR that ensues is oftentimes scarier than the facts. So let’s take a moment to breathe and look at some facts.

Coronavirus Facts:

▪ Most diagnosed cases (80%) are mild and recovery should not be a major challenge.

▪ Intimate or close contact, within 3 to 6 feet, is required for the virus to spread.

▪ The mortality rate at this time is not clear, but presently it seems to range on an average between 1.4% – 3%.  This may evolve so stay informed with accurate information.

▪ This 1.4%- 3% mortality rate is estimated by many professionals to rise over the next several months, since there are many unreported cases of Coronavirus and since it mimics the flu, many people may think they just have the flu and don’t report their case.  Also as testing procedures are put into place as test kits become available the number of diagnoses will most certainly increase exponentially.

▪ The mortality rate of the flu is reported to be .1%. Coronavirus is reported to be deadlier by comparison, but the risk groups are a bit different.

▪ The Coronavirus is said to be more fatal to those who are already immunocompromised or to those who have a respiratory disease, illness or to those who are obese.

▪ SARS was reported to have a mortality rate of around 10% and MERS a mortality rate closer to 30% to 40%.

What You Can Do:

▪Please don’t panic. Panic, worry and prolonged fear weaken your immune system. You can literally FEEL it! I suggest you take some deep breaths throughout your day and reset your mind and body.  Keep some therapeutic essential oils on you and use them to help with anxiety and feelings of panic. They work! – but you must use them.

▪ Protect you and those you come in contact with by simply washing your hands for at least 20 seconds.  Use a non-toxic natural body-friendly hand wash and/or sanitizing mist, especially in common public areas.

▪ Use a tissue or cough into your sleeve! Coronavirus must come into contact with mucous membranes in order to infect, so pay attention to your mouth, nose, eyes, and ears.

▪ Support your immune system with natural plant-based remedies and natural medicines.

This is where EMPOWERING SOLUTIONS come to the rescue! I believe the human body knows how to regulate and heal itself when it is free of interference and toxic burden. This is why I am an advocate for natural safe remedies such as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Essential oils support the body’s natural healing processes and influence the body to manage its proper balance known as homeostasis. Unlike a synthetic chemical, the body will recognize an essential oil molecule as a natural healing agent and accepts the molecules without any added stress or burden, which is why it is rare to experience intolerable side effects. Essential oil molecules work in harmony with the body and have been used successfully by millions of users safety.  Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential oils can be utilized aromatically, topically, and some can be used internally (as directed).

I am going to refrain from making any claims that essential oils will kill the Coronavirus or any other virus for that matter. I will let you be the judge, and I invite YOU to do some research. However, I will stand by the claim that they will help support and keep your immune system strong and robust! Try them for yourself and start diffusing essential oils through the day at home and at work, rub them on the bottoms of your feet for a couple of weeks, and apply them to various areas of the body and experience them for yourself, and YOU be the judge! Notice the positive changes and shifts that you experience both physically and emotionally.

Your body is intelligent by design, but I believe you MUST raise the frequency in order to have a functional immune system and a healthy system. Essential oils are high-frequency medicine and provide antioxidant protection to the cells through the body. Essential oils impact the entire body, inside and out, and they happen to smell AWESOME! I invite your to experience them for yourself and elevate your wellness to new heights and release the emotional heaviness impacting your health.

I am proud to work with the highest quality oils on the market which are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade; the same essential oils that many medical professionals choose to offer to their clients and are featured in many medical centers worldwide!

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Reach out to me with any questions, and I can help you to find what fits your goals and budget. Using oils is simple and easy if you allow it to be – and I’m here to support you along the way!

So, try not to get swept up in the media hype about illnesses and focus instead on the proactive choices you can make every day to protect yourself and the ones you care for to remain healthy.

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Take care of yourself and others!

“Stay RADICAL, Go BEYOND Yourself & Be AWESOME Always!”

*I want to also state that this is no way meant to replace medical orders prescribed by your physician or as medical advice. My intention is to empower you with reasonable and rational options that may resonate with you. I hope you receive this information in the intention in with it is meant.