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Jandie Lane

With 25 years as a corporate executive within a Fortune 100 company, Jandie knows firsthand how to navigate the internal and external challenges faced by individuals, multi-functional and global teams.  Her passion is to guide people, teams, and organizations toward their highest potential – toward more joyful, confident, and productive lives. Jandie helps clients build highly productive teams through a process of identifying strengths, self-limiting behaviors, belief systems, and team dynamics, along with developing action plans to meet goals – personal, professional, and business goals.

Jandie has a lifelong passion for the psychology of human behavior and motivation.  She combines her training in behavioral psychology, neuroscience, brand marketing, and human-centered research with her 25 years leading and coaching teams within Procter & Gamble. She does all this with a deep sense of empathy, creativity, and collaboration – sprinkled with a bit of fun. Her motto is “Life is supposed to be fun.” She has an uncanny way of helping people find purpose and joy in all aspects of life.

She is a gifted coach with expertise in the Enneagram, leadership training, Innovation, Design Thinking,  Creative Problem Solving Model, graphic facilitation, archetypes, strength finders, and many other tools.

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