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CLC Fall Retreat 2010
Each year the Conscious Living Center holds an Consciousness retreat to create a setting for integrating Enneagram knowledge into transformative experiences.
Yoga Outside
Thursday night yoga class takes advantage of beautiful weather by practicing outside on the porch.
Judith Searle
The Conscious Living Center hosted Judith Searle, actress, writer, and Enneagram teacher who brought a new dimension to the the types through Shakespeare, Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, and Academy Award winning movie clips.
Panel Day
Enneagram Panel Day where panelist of each Enneagram type speak to their type in the narrative tradition in a day of deep listening, sharing, compassion, and community.
CLC Fall Retreat 2009
The CLC Fall Retreat occurs each year at the Smokey Mountains, surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and community, we deepen our work in understanding ourselves and others in a unique opportunity over 5 days to learn as we live together.
CA Gethsemene trip
Trip to Gethsemane for Consciousness Ascending class to see the statues and how the disciples fell asleep on their teacher.
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World Enneagram Day
World Enneagram Day - We had a great time at CLC with a panel of all 9 types and then a cook out, socializing, and fun.
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