"The Seven Centers of the Enneagram" by Dr. Deborah Ooten & Beth O'Hara

The Enneagram of Personality teaches three centers of intelligence, the body, mind, and heart. This is a simplification of the original Enneagram as taught by G.I. Gurdjieff. Gurdjieff originally taught the Enneagram as a system of transformation through awakening and integrating the seven centers of intelligence and their functions: instinctual, moving, sexual, emotional, intellectual, higher emotional, and higher intellectual.

These centers pertain to our very essence and reside in the unconscious. The centers and their functions receive, record, select, transform and transmit energy. The personality, however, co-opts the energy of these centers, with certain centers doing the work of other centers. For example, the intellectual center may be used to do the work of the emotional center. It is necessary to expand and integrate all seven centers in order to fully awaken.

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