Life Coaching

Life coaching is a process of empowerment and increasing personal influence over one's own life and experiences by expanding awareness, adjusting focus, improving self-confidence, and enhancing well-being through an on-going collaborative partnership. Through this partnership, clients work to achieve their full potential and take action toward their goals by gaining feedback, insights and guidance from an outside vantage point by increasing their confidence, self knowledge, and emotional intelligence while reducing struggle and suffering.  

Coaching is an excellent tool to examine relationships, physical well-being, life transitions, career, money, time, and stress management, creating a new life direction, re-evaluating life choices, dealing with dissatisfaction at work or home, or simply looking for personal and professional breakthroughs. Coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice and focuses on creating long-lasting results.

Our certified life coaches at the Conscious Living Center are also certified Enneagram teachers and trainers who incorporate the use of the Enneagram to foster personal, relational, or professional growth in each individual by helping them to understand themselves and others.  In-person and phone sessions are available.  Contact a coach below to schedule an appointment.


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