Cradled Energetic Exploration for all Types

Date(s):  Saturdays: 4/8, 4/15
Time(s):  10:00 am - noon
Facilitated by Karenna Miller and her husband and partner in drum, dance and flow, Troy Magus Miller.
This five-class series invites you to feel held. It invites you to come to a place where you can relax and unfurl. A place where you gift others with whatever you choose to release, heal and express.
Our process of holding the gathering consists of an arc in five stages. The stages are: Connect, Go Inward, Cross the Threshold into Magic, Emerge, and Conclude. The stages build, one upon the other. You are invited to move progressively deeper, integrate, and return to something similar to your starting point, yet newly embodying the riches of the journey just traveled. Potentially available for your energetic exploration will be: your space, your body, your movement, your stillness, your feelings, your voice, drums and other percussive instruments.
If you know your Enneagram type, we will invite you to share it at registration, so we can best support you.
This is a complimentary event.
Here's a few pictures of the 2/18 event!

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