April 2017 Death Yoga

Date(s):  4/22/17
Time(s):  10:00-11:30 AM

Death Yoga with Karenna Miller

This class begins where most yoga classes leave off: Savasana, aka “corpse pose.” Please bring a yoga mat and blanket. We will have a few extras on hand.

From Savasana, we physically and energetically open to the possible experience of how we meet our own death.

Through guided visualization with accompanying music, breath work and movement, we will awaken energetic flows in our bodies that are not physically dependent. By training ourselves in allowing these energetic flows, they are more accessible as we draw closer to death.

We will work with the Divine… through someone or something into which you can energetically dissolve, and to which you can open and relax.

We will anchor to earthly energies at our root. We will open to ethereal energies at our crown.

We will generate a vibrant ball of energy with our breath, hearts and hands, while rooted and open. We will expand it out amongst a circle of hands where it will be shared.

Death Yoga is a class where everyone gets as energetically BIG and spacious with their breath and movements as they can. Focusing on the inward, and the interface with the Divine, there will be a range of different physical movements from participants. Each pose is instructed to begin deep within, and to grow outward from there, allowing the physical body to follow to the best of its ability. In so doing, we both prepare for our transition from this life incarnation, and foster vibrance in our current physical bodies.  

$15 for the class, cash or check accepted at the door.

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