Enneagram Types

Type 1: Judge

Hard working self-reliant, critical of self and others, responsible, integrative

Type 2: Provider

Helpful, presents well, supportive, seductive, and manipulative

Type 3: Doer

Practical, competent, efficient, self-assured, poised, charming, self absorbed

Type 4: Idealist

Unique, emotionally intense, creative, cutting edge thinking

Type 5: Sage

Omniscience, being knowledgeable, energy conserving, self-contained, detached, appearing unemotional

Type 6: Questioner

Responsible, persevering, intuitive, worst case scenario thinking and attention to what can go wrong

Type 7: Adventurer

Enthusiastic, playful, inventive, full of life, difficulty limiting options

Type 8: Defender

Strong, decisive, sometimes seen as a bully, energetically driven and not afraid of conflict

Type 9: Moderator

Adaptive, supportive, self-forgetting, receptive and accepting

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