Think On These Things

By Ron Esposito - June 2014

·     Consciously choose to accept “what is” in the present moment.  By practicing non-resistance and non-judgment you will suffer less.

·     Surrender brings about internal freedom and relief from the bondage of self.

·     “I don’t know” is a valid answer.

·     God acts through you, as you.  “The Father and I are One”.

·     “Who am I, really?” is one of the essential questions.  Self-inquiry leads to self-knowledge.

·     All creation yearns to return its source.  A “divine discontent” fuels the desire for union and the soul’s progression toward Self-Realization.

·     Equanimity enables us to be in balance with the rising and falling of things, the coming and going, being born and dying, form into formlessness.  This is the way it is.

·     Separation is an illusion.  We are not separate from anything.

·     The practice of non-attachment enables us to be in the world without clinging to it.

·     Attachment and clinging cause suffering.

·     Faith is the “felt” experience of support from the Ground of Being.  It can be counted on.

·     The “kingdom” is experienced in consciousness.

·     Heaven and hell are self-created states of consciousness.  We get to choose in every moment.

·     In each moment the soul is having the optimal experience for it to have.

·     Satisfaction is a by-product of the quality of our presence and awareness.

·     Everything is contained in the One (non-dual).  The circle (one) contains it all.

·     Duality is a sub-set of non-dual perception of Reality.

·     The Truth is “All Is One”.

·     We are One.

·     Truth cuts across all boundaries, whether philosophic, cultural, ethnic or religious.

·     God is Love.

·     We are “worthy” by incarnation; just by being born.

·     Real spiritualty is as natural to us as breathing.

·     Being conscious of our breath puts us in the present moment, unites the three centers of intelligence (head, heart and body) and replenishes our being.

·     The practice of self-observation is key to building awareness and becoming more conscious of our thinking, feeling and behaving as well as our underlying motivation.

·     Without self-observation we are asleep and machine-like.

·     Know, Love, Serve.

Ron Esposito, M.A. is a certified Life Coach, Enneagram Teacher and teacher in the School of Conscious Living.

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