The Holy Ideas: Being and Everythingness

By Ron Esposito - November 2010

The Holy Ideas of the Enneagram are in service to the alleviation of suffering and the recovery of our true nature through remembering our Essence qualities.  The Holy Ideas remind us of who we truly are beyond our attachments and identification with the construct of the egoic mind.  As we observe our attachments and defense of the ego we become aware of the ways that we suffer.  We can choose to end our suffering.  Suffering is truly optional.  Pain is endemic to the human condition and must be faced squarely and experienced.  Suffering results from clinging to the dualistic, fixated patterns of believing that things are right/wrong, that we are loved/unloved, successful/unsuccessful, abandoned/connected, depleted/abundant, unsafe/safe, limited/free, controlled/in control and important/unimportant.

The Holy Ideas are Holy Perfection, Holy Will, Holy Law, Holy Origin, Holy Omniscience, Holy Faith, Holy Plan, Holy Truth and Holy Love. They are the antidotes to the egoic fixations that cause suffering.

At the core of Holy Perfection is the acceptance of “what is”.  When we resist “what is” in the moment we suffer.  A large part of Holy Perfection entails non-judgment and not resisting what we deem as unpleasurable or what we are adverse to.  Total acceptance of “what is” goes beyond what we think “should” be or “ought” to be.  Perfection is not judged by the absence of something being “wrong”.  Perfection is “what is”.  Holy Perfection encourages us to look beyond appearances and to know that from our limited ego perspective that we cannot fully see the big picture.  All there is,is in this moment and it is perfect now.

The experience of surrender is at the heart of Holy Will.  We surrender the illusion that our personal efforts are required to make good things happen.  As we loosen the belief that we are indispensible to making good things happen for others, and that we must manipulate to create good things for ourselves through the force of our personality, we become more humble.  Humility places us in proper perspective to the Universe.  Personal will attaches to outcome and we suffer through this attachment.  Through recognizing Holy Will and living in humility there is an awareness that things will always be taken care of.

Holy Law recognizes that there are natural laws of creation and that the Universe acts through us,as us.  The idea of independent doing and accomplishing is a myth.  As we become more awake, we realize that we are not “doing” but that the natural laws of creation are in action through us.  We are the conduit.  We come into contact with the veracity of who we really are and relax into the process.

Holy Origin addresses head on the illusion that we are separate from Source.  The need to create drama and intensity of emotions perpetuates this sense of separation.  The egoic agenda is to sustain a particular identity, to be different , to be an individual.  When the innate unreality of the ego is realized, we become aware of Being as the source and origin of our true identity.  True nature partakes of the whole of Reality; we are not separate from anything.  We are waves in the Ocean of Being.

Holy Omniscience implies that we already know everything that we need to know, and that we will know what we need to know when we need to know it.  In a constricted state we believe that we have to withhold and guard ourselves because there is not enough of ourselves, energy, resources and experiences.  When we practice non-attachment and are fully in the moment there is access to all that is and we have everything that we need.  The more we give away, the more we are enriched.

When we are asleep to our true nature we do not accept our own inner authority and doubt is experienced.  Holy Faith is beyond belief and is not just of the mind believing in things that are unseen.  It is an experience of the genuine support of Presence and Being that is existing right now.  Through Holy Faith we trust and have courage to respond spontaneously to what arises in the moment not bound by conditioning, beliefs, habit and doubt.

When we are continually in a state of anticipation, planning and future orientation we are not fully present to all that is occurring in each moment.  In surrendering to the unfolding of Holy Plan we are able to be more constant in each moment, remembering that in each moment we are having the optimal experience for our souls to have.  It is not a particular experience that creates satisfaction, but the quality of our awareness and presence that determines how fulfilling each moment is.  Pain is as much of each moment as pleasure, and contentment is experienced when we do not reject any aspect of our experience.  The ultimate pleasure is in the journey itself.

In being obsessed with controlling things to happen “my way”, we suffer in thinking that we must maintain ourselves as separate from what is actually occurring out of fear that what is happening will control us.  The Holy Truth is that All is One.  When we realize that we are not separate, we no longer feel controlled by all the nuances of life.  We are in the flow of life, making conscious choices about how to respond to what is occurring rather than reacting from constriction.  Ultimately, Holy Truth allows us to accept all the endless manifestations of life.

Through self-forgetting and distractibility we don’t remember that we are integral to the workings of the Universe.  Everything is made of Divine Love.  When we remember this, we are connected to the All and Everything.  Without each of us as co-creators, the Universe wouldn’t exist in the same way.  Holy Love is a state of Being wherein we know ourselves as Love and are worthy of being seen.  Through the dynamism of Holy Love we loosen self-forgetting and take action, moving forward for self.

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