The 2016 Presidential Election Politics and Consciousness: How can you make a difference?

By Beth O'Hara and Deborah Ooten - June 2016

The 2016 US Presidential Primaries are creating quite a stir with huge divides occurring around the economy and jobs, terrorism, immigration, climate change, criminal justice, health care, education, religion, and social issues. These rifts are creating palpable stress, interpersonally and socially.

Candidates who win elections are a reflection of the collective consciousness of voters and lobbying powers. There is a strong, shared desire in the US now for major transformation, yet there are also intensely polarizing disagreements about how those changes should be accomplished.

This is an unusual election in that primary frontrunners, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, are both eliciting huge, unfavorable reactions among voters of all parties. In a May poll of voters by YouGov across gender, age, race, and income, both candidates were strongly disliked more than they were liked.

The energy people have in approaching these types of controversial issues has an effect, and especially in transformational times such as these. Do you have strong reactions against one or more candidates? Remember energy follows attention. While passion is a powerful force, moving against something increases the energy for it, according to the Law of Attraction. When Mother Teresa was asked to join a protest against war, she declined, saying “When there is a protest for peace, I’ll come along”.

Pushing against something is often draining. Standing for something, on the other hand, is energizing. What do you stand for? Exploring what you are railing against can give you clues to what is important to you. Put that passionate energy into creating the change you want to see in the world in order to be powerfully effective.

We’ve heard many people say they aren’t going to vote in the Presidential election. This energy of apathy perpetuates many of the social issues that are occurring and is a form of unconsciousness/waking sleep. Even passive resistance propagates what is being resisted.  In this time of monumental change, it is important not to check out. Even if you believe there are no good choices, it is crucial to stay awake, present, and involved!

This is a complex time in human history. Many factors impact this election, and how we choose to show up is critical. Here are some questions for inquiry around this election:

What are the forces creating more stress than usual in the 2016 Presidential race?

What is driving the current political and social climates in the US?

What are the underlying worldviews of the candidates?

How will the candidates impact US culture, if elected?

How does your individual worldview impact your reactions to the candidates?

How do geography, religious leanings, social circumstances, and education impact voters and the elections?

How has US history impacted the current elections?

In times of great stress and change, our consciousness practices are more important than ever! It is imperative we stay awake and engage in inquiry about ourselves and our world. It is through being awake that we can truly make a difference and impact change from a place of conscious choice, rather than from unconscious reactivity and/or indifference.

If these issues are important to you, you are invited to join us for our upcoming online class: American Politics: Society, Enneagram, and Consciousness where we will explore these questions with a community of conscious seekers who are dedicated to creating change in the world!

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