Sex and Love: Part I

By Beth O'Hara & Deborah Ooten - December 2012

As the days grow darker in the thick of Holiday season, we’re exploring a more unusual theme for the time of year: sex and love. According to the Center for Disease Control, most babies are conceived at the end of December, so perhaps this discussion is quite timely! These themes dominate our culture in advertising, movies, television, music, books and clothing styles, yet we rarely talk about them openly. Anything repressed rules us from the subconscious. Sex and love certainly has a hold on many of us. A great way to be more conscious in relationships and relating is to explore beliefs systems.

Many people define sex and love differently. Deborah Ooten and Beth O’Hara are conducting research into the Enneagram Types and Levels of Consciousness (Spiral Dynamics®) on the many conceptualizations about love and sex. We need volunteers who are interested in sharing their beliefs about these topics and welcome your responses to a few questions (below). All submissions will remain anonymous. Here are questions for exploration:

Enneagram Type (if known):

What do I believe about Love?

What do I believe about Sex?

What is Conscious Love?

What is Conscious Sex?

What are your beliefs about monogamy and polyamory (having multiple partners)?

You can email your responses to Beth O’Hara.

In Part II, we will present an overview of research gathered to date and explore what Gurdjieff taught about sex and love. Have a wonderful holiday season and remember to stay present in your relationships!

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