Inviting in the New, Releasing the Old

By Beth O'Hara - January 2014

New Years is often associated with making resolutions - starting new cycles, new projects, self-improvement, goals and expectations. This often focuses on something that is "wrong" and needs to be "fixed".  For me, the energy of all this active doing can become like a runaway train, fueling itself into a faster and faster pace until eventually I'm just doing for the sake of doing without reflecting on what I really need to do and what I need to let go. 

I like to take down time at the end of the year to rest, reflect and to focus on listening to myself and what I need. Often a theme for the coming year emerges. The theme usually involves letting go of something and allowing something new; releasing to create space for new energy. This shifts my attention from something I have to accomplish or fulfill to a focus of listening and responding

Last year my New Year's theme was letting go of overdoing to allow my body to heal. This message was loud and clear, so I let go of all the projects, work, and personal expectations I could to spend the year resting and taking care of myself. This paid off in improvements to my health and energy. 

The theme for this year is letting go of anything that is unnecessary to allow more fun and enjoyment into my life. I'm starting with some tangibles like unsubscribing from any mailing lists I don't read and letting go of things on my “to do” list that really aren't that important (like organizing the closets). Honestly, I'd rather be having fun! I'm also releasing intangibles like worries. As a worry comes into my mind, I'm giving it loving attention and then reminding myself that I can let that go. I'm curious to see what this practice brings into my life this year!

What would you like to release in your life this year? What would you like to invite in?

Wishing you a New Year filled with enjoyment and presence!

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