Pathways to Serenity

By Ron Esposito - May 2008

Serenity: A feeling of calm; untroubled without worry, stress or disturbance.

Serenity, like happiness, is a by-product.  We can become more serene by practicing a number of mental and spiritual attitudes.  Like planting a garden, we will reap what we sow in consciousness.  Plant watermelons, get watermelons…

It helps to know that we are part and parcel of the continuing process of creation and that the whole of the universe courses through our veins and beats our hearts.  As part of our cosmic inheritance we have dominion over all conditions.  Outside circumstance need not dictate our inner state and experience of reality.  It’s all an “inside job.”  There is an inmost center within us all where peace abides in fullness and promotes mental tranquility beyond circumstance.

We progress toward the experience of serenity by harboring no resentment, jealousy or envy against anyone, knowing that to do so puts us in chains, not them.  Equanimity blossoms.  By practicing forgiveness we are forgiven.  We free ourselves from the bondage of condemnation and we are not condemned.

Practicing compassion helps pave the way towards serenity.  Rejoice with them that rejoice and weep with them that weep.  Compassion lets us know that we are one in spirit and dissolves the fallacy of separation caused by clinging to ego identity.  Compassion is compounded of wisdom, understanding and love.

When we cultivate tolerance and practice goodwill to all, the seeds of serenity are being planted.  We don’t seek to impose our ideas or opinions on others, nor do we necessarily accept theirs.  We grow in listening by being present and attentive.

An attitude of gratitude helps fill the heart with lovingkindness for all.  This creates harmony and serenity.  One who is at peace with the world and one’s own condition is free from anxiety and fear.  Know that worry and fear are poisonous phantoms.  Trust, courage and faith are the antidote.  When we experience the peace that surpasses understanding we know serenity in our consciousness.

Ponder these words by the Hindu sage, Sri Chinmoy:

Doubt is the prose of the mind.
Faith is the poetry of the heart.
Aspiration is the song of the soul.
Realization is the dance of life.

It is my sincerest wish to see us dance.

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