John of God

By Deborah Ooten - September 2007

I usually don’t say “yes” to things that are really outside my comfort zone. But I agreed to visit John of God, in Brazil. Little did I know what would occur, or the healing I would experience.

John of God is a Brazilian healer who is a very simple man. From an early age, he was aware of his ability to bring healing to those in need. He provides his physical body as a vehicle through which ‘entities’ from our history can bring their presence to the physical plane, to heal us and the planet. In Brazil, there are non-profit Spiritist Centers where individuals come to receive healing. Most of these centers do not have a special healer like JOG. Instead, they offer a place for individuals to meditate and hold the space for those in need of healing. Those holding the space experience healing as well--because we all are one.

My story is that of a semi-believer, initially.

I traveled with my partner, several friends, and a special woman, Emma Bragdon. We arrived at the village of Abadiania, a one road, one tree, one horse kind of place. We were greeted by a posada (hotel) owner who was also a medium for the Casa De Dom Inacio (the healing center). Even though our accommodations were the best in town, it was like camping with a shower in the room. Nonetheless, I loved staying there. The energy of the entire town was warm, loving and peaceful. It is built on a mountain of crystals. The Casa was a place of profound peace and serenity.

I spent the first day at the Casa, standing in line with several hundred others, waiting to see John of God. The atmosphere was loving, compassionate and emotionally moving. As I watched people line up to experience a few moments with this man, a magnificent vessel of healing energy, I felt myself in an almost trance-like state of meditation.

When the line in which I was waiting reached the “First Current” room I saw 50 to 75 people meditating and holding energy for the cleansing of those waiting to see John of God (JOG) for healing. The room was filled with intense energy and soothing, yet eerie, music. When I entered the room, I began to cry. The overwhelming sense of love went straight into my heart. There were many people in this room, silently meditating, and I knew they were all meditating for my health and healing. As I moved into the “Second Current” room I could see JOG. The people in this room were there by invitation and are spiritual mediums, capable of holding the healing space for others.

I went forward to JOG and he took my hand and lovingly looked into my eyes. Since we did not speak the same language, an interpreter spoke my intentions for healing: to be free from physical pain, to correct my metabolism and to deal with my allergies. JOG looked at me and prescribed herbs for my metabolism and then said, “Invisible surgery at 8:00 a.m. the next day.” (I was thankful he didn’t say “visible” surgery.)

I walked out into the bright light and ate soup that the community prepared for us. This is part of the healing.

After lunch, I returned to the First Current room to meditate and hold the energy for those who would pass before us. It was in this room that my healing began. Since giving and receiving are the same energies, my giving to others was a great part of the healing that I received for myself.

The next day I arrived at the Casa to receive the ‘invisible surgery.’ I was escorted into a room with a number of others. We were instructed to close our eyes and begin to meditate. In my mind and heart I held my intention to receive healing. What I experienced is almost impossible to put into words.

I felt such a tremendous feeling of love and connection to myself that I began to sob. Suddenly it felt as if someone had lifted my entire rib cage straight up from inside my body. My tears continued to flow but the sound of my crying stopped. I heard a voice inside my head say, “Surrender to all that you desire.” It felt as if my entire interior landscape had been viewed by some higher aspect of myself and of oneness.

The surgery lasted just a few moments longer, during which I felt a number of other sensations in my body. After about 15 minutes, we were released. Our guide, Emma, had me write my name on a piece of paper and place it in a special basket so JOG could continue to hold me in his prayers.

I proceeded to an herb line to receive passion flower herbs blessed by JOG and the entities with which he works. I spent the next twenty-four hours in solitude--meditating, praying and sleeping.

Today I am filled with a sense of wholeness and my beliefs have been greatly altered by this experience. I am totally free of body pain and my allergies have been identified as resulting from Celiac disease. I eliminated wheat and gluten from my diet and my allergies and weight have begun to shift; both are dramatically reduced.

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