Into the Mystic: My Sacred Poetry Experience

By Ron Esposito - June 2015

In my personal practice for the past few months I’ve been working with the Truth content of “The Enlightened Heart”, an anthology of sacred poetry edited by Stephen Mitchell.  The volume contains writing from the Hindu, Taoist, Sufi, Christian and Zen traditions amongst others.  At its core, the theme is mysticism and non-dual perception of reality.  Mysticism speaks to the direct experience of the Truth that cuts across all boundaries, cultures and systems wed with the practice of unconditional Love.  In describing non-dual perception of reality, Chinese Zen Master, Seng-ts’an writes “If you want to describe its essence, the best you can say is ‘Not-two’.  In this ‘Not-two’ nothing is separate, and nothing in the world is excluded”.  All is one.  Everything is contained in the non-dual, even duality which could be described as a subset of the non-dual.  Visualize the circle and the inner triangle of the Enneagram.

I’m very moved by this line in Psalm 19, “Let me keep surrendering myself until I am utterly transparent”.  This speaks of the freedom experienced in the release from the bondage of self and the succor in surrender to Holy Will.  My motives become more transparent and easily seen.  My inner and outer worlds become more congruent with less compartmentalization.

The Chinese Taoist Master, Lao-Tzu describes the Tao as “creating without possessing, acting without expecting, guiding without interfering”.  This is a succinct commentary  on the virtue of non-attachment and alignment with Holy Law.  A new way of “doing” with the Tao acting through me, as me.  Karma yoga is action without attachment, being in the world and not of the world.  There is no codependent controlling.  Actually, control is an illusion.

Lao-Tzu asks “Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?  Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?”  This is a great example of “wu-wei” (not forcing) and the ability to be with and be present to what is in the moment.  This is gut (body) intelligence at work.  Gut authority is real and right action for the self is virtuous.  Being in the breath aids the whole process that Lao-Tzu is depicting.

In the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna instructs the warrior, Arjuna on both/and consciousness (non-dual thinking).  Krishna states “I am the object of all knowledge, father of the world, its mother, source of all things, of impure and pure, of holiness and horror.”  Everything is contained in God.  All dualities are held within the circle.  The circle represents Unity Consciousness.  Nothing is excluded.

Krishna speaks tenderly to the illusion of separation and the suffering that ensues when he says “I am always with all beings; I abandon no one.  And however great your inner darkness, you are never separate from me.”  We can never be separate from Source.  Identification with the dualistic mind causes suffering and a sense of separation from others and all that is.  We are all part of the great ocean of Being.  A wave cannot be separate from the ocean.  Our life is God’s life.  This is Holy Origin.

With great Love, Krishna concludes saying “Let your thoughts flow past you, calmly; keep me near, at every moment; trust me with your life, because I am you, more than you yourself are.”  Krishna speaks of the Supreme Identity beyond personality.  God is as close as our breath.  Take a moment and let the immensity of Krishna’s words sink into your consciousness… “I am you, more than you yourself are.”  Who are you…really?  You are already that which you seek.

Seng-ts’an in the poem, “The Mind of Absolute Trust”, elucidates the fundamental premise and the Holy Truth of non-dual perception of reality when he writes: “Being is an aspect of non-being; non-being is no different from being. Until you understand this truth, you won’t see anything clearly.  One is all; all is one.  When you realize this, what reason for holiness or wisdom?”

I’m reminded of the sangha (the community of aspirants) that I have been a part of for the past ten years in The School of Conscious Living when Dante writes in the “Purgatorio”: “The love of God, unutterable and perfect, flows into a pure soul the way that light rushes into a transparent object.  The more love that it finds, the more it gives itself; so that, as we grow clear and open, the more complete the joy of heaven is.  And the more souls who resonate together, the greater the intensity of their love, and, mirror-like, each soul reflects the other.”

I am yours in Humility and Love.

Ron Esposito, M.A. is a certified Life Coach and teacher in the School of Conscious Living.  Contact:


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