Cradled Energetic Exploration for all Types

In February, we will begin a new, five-part series at CLC that invites you to be held, to relax and to unfurl. You might think of it as water to what worldly existence leaves parched. This is a place where you are welcome to release, heal and express whatever flows through you. As part of registration, please share your Enneagram type if you know it, so we can best support you.

Our process of holding the gathering consists of five stages. The stages are: Connect, Go Inward, Cross the Threshold into Magic, Emerge, and Conclude. The stages build, one upon the other. You may move progressively deeper, integrate, and return to something similar to your starting point, yet newly embodying the riches of the journey just traveled. Potentially available for your energetic exploration will be: your space, your body, your movement, your stillness, your consciousness, your feelings, your emotions, your voice, drums and other percussive instruments.

The stages of the journey we will guide are detailed below:

Connect. We begin with a process of getting comfortable with one another, registering who has shown up to meet us, engaging and connecting in some way with what we find there. As facilitators, we talk and set the stage. We start at the level of engaging the upper, outward senses – outwardly hearing and seeing. In this process, the seed of each of us is planted in the soil that we are together. The seed may now connect with the soil and begin its energetic arc.

Go Inward. For the seed, connecting with the soil means cracking open. In turn, cracking open provides more space and movement for going inward... for forming the root that taps into the oneness that sustains us. That inner transformation can only come from relaxing into the substrate. Feeling into the root is a deeply inward process that is at the same time connective. Once I’ve felt into what’s around me, once I begin to root into my own space, I can come into my own presence there. Presence happens when I take my place - in relative stillness or motion - and begin to reveal my offering. My offering becomes what is flowing through me, with no “check-ins” to my conscious mind. My mind gets to watch, but not make judgments. In the inward place, I become aware of the energies that surround and support me, and that produce pleasure. I surrender to them. As facilitators, we surrender insofar as we can continue to hold the space for all. You are invited to surrender as deeply as you wish.

Cross the Threshold into Magic. By surrendering, by rooting, by allowing whatever wants to flow, I arrive at a threshold. Allowing a sense of being held by those present is a gift beyond words. I might be held in dance, in a rhythm or in stillness. The corridor that was straight might suddenly curve. When I allow myself to be held, when I release myself into the clasp of the energies that surround me, I entrain with those energies. As facilitators, we continue to hold the space.

Emerge. There comes a time to return to the group. What held me inward is ready to release me, and I am ready to meet the faces again. For me, this emergence is like the sprouting of a seed that rises up into sunlight, shedding vulnerability, and feeling its own God-given strength as it rises. I come up and out, rejoining an experience shared by individuals in space and time. To emerge, I anchor myself, so I can rise. I lift myself. I find my legs and my arms, feeling them like new leaves. With emergence, there is a new kind of magic. It is the magic of a shared consciousness. Those who connect, and go inward, contribute to this sense of shared consciousness. They join it and can thereby emanate it. Deep within is where we all connect. With that connection as part of our experience, we can go outward with a new togetherness. The seed is flowering. The seed is the plant is the flower. Just different phases. Same as the baby is the child is the adult. Flowering can only happen after sprouting, and it can also be described as simply allowing and following the magical flow.

Closure. Closure actually marks the next beginning. The flower closes when it is time for the magical flow to dissipate. There need be no sadness here. It is the endpoint of an arc and a period of integration. Marking the endpoint together gives us one last chance to hold our shared creation before we each tuck it into our pockets and go our “separate” ways.

Cradled Energetic Exploration for all Types is facilitated by Karenna Shanti Miller and Rev. Troy Magus Miller. February 18, March 4, 18, April 15, 10am-noon; $15 per session or $50 for 5-session package; Come for one, some, or all.


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