Battle of the Ego

By Chris McLaren - March 2013

Silently it snuck into my being
  consuming me, tricking me, wrapping me in its warm darkness
  "You are alone" it whispered sweetly in my ear.
My soul raged as it sank deeper into the depths of ego's fear.
  Consuming me, whispering to me "You are alone and they are out to get you."
I am alone and they are out to get me I told my self
  as I fell under ego's spell.
  I'm alone and they are out to get me!
My soul screamed "Die Ego, Die!"  You are
  filling me with lies.
I am they; they are me; we are all One!
  Die Ego, Die!  Stop telling me your lies!
All are One.  You are me and I am you.
  The Light shone forth; the lies faded away;
  Truth was known once again.
We all are One!

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