9 Reason to Exercise & Workout with Your Partner

by Ronnie Robertson III, CPT
Certified Health & Fitness Coach

1. Couples who workout are physically congruent.

Okay, we have all seen it, extreme versions every day of couples that just don't fit.

No one says couples have to look alike to succeed in love, but physicality is sometimes a whole other category.

If one of you is fit and the other looks like an old bag of potatoes, it says something about the latter's level of self-respect and level of regard for their partner. It matters.

2. Sex is better for couples that workout.

You want a cure for a lackluster sex life, an inattentive spouse? Pick up some weights! Get to a gym!

When you're confident in your body, you want to get naked and take it out for a spin now and again. And people sense it, too.

Not only is sex better, it remains better for years. When your partner perpetually turns you on, it's just one more component of a good, satisfying relationship.

3. Couples who workout are more likely to remain together.

Couples need to share purpose in order to have any chance of sticking together.

All too often, ordinary couples, after the initial bloom of passion has worn off, start to see their  partner in the cold, harsh light of reality. They wonder what it was that they shared other than physical attraction and sex. Too often that answer is "nothing."

In those cases, they'd have been better off buying themselves an Xbox, because at least that's something they might actually do together.  "My Xbox and I have been happily together for 5 years now!"

Couples who workout, though, have at least one shared purpose, and that's taking mutual interest and maybe even delight in the care, building, and maintenance of their bodies.

4. Food is not a source of contention for couples that workout.

You know why cats and dogs don't get married? Because it just doesn't work when you fill one half of the grocery cart with Purina Cat Chow and the other with Hungry Dog brand deep-fried liver snaps.

Making two entirely different meals with different macronutrient profiles for dinner isn't a recipe for harmony or health. The same goes for going out to eat. When one of you is body conscious and the other isn't, there's tension and disharmony.

If one of you wants to eat at "Big Bob's Bologna Bungaloo" and the other wants to eat at the "The Organic Vegan Virgin Bistro," it leads to friction, fighting, and possibly, resentment.

That's not true of couples that workout. They're of like minds and like guts. Eating is something they do because they want to give the body what it needs. Food isn't a substitute for an inattentive spouse, a lousy sex life, or boredom with life in general.

5. Couples who workout don't argue about where to go on vacations.

You both want to go to the Bahamas or Hawaii; anywhere you can strip down to your swimsuits or trunks and show off those fit, healthy bodies.

You both figure that there will be plenty of time to go to Paris, take a cruise around the world, or even see that giant butter cow in Iowa when you're really old, physically less durable, and have no desire to shed your clothes for each other, let alone the world.

6. Couples who workout spend more time together.

If one partner works out and the other doesn't, guilt and/or resentment invariably ensues. She's mad because you're at the gym "all the time" instead of at home scrap booking or watching Fifty Shades of Netflix with her.

She's hesitant to set up any social engagements because she doesn't know if it'll conflict with your gym time and your gains.

Besides, when the Petersons invite you for dinner, they seemingly coat everything with cheese and whale blubber and they guilt you into eating five kinds of dessert.

But if both of you workout, you're spending time together.

Furthermore, you celebrate each other's accomplishments and personal records. You get to serve as each other's coach. You've got a guaranteed spotter, one whom you trust.

You keep each other in check, you don't slip up because you're both accountable to one another. And when you do slip up, it's together, and remember, playing hooky from school always was a lot more fun when someone did it with you.

7. Buying gifts for each other is easier for couples that workout.

If you both workout, you don't have to agonize over whether she'll like the red sweater that depicts different species of dinosaurs. You can buy her workout tops, yoga pants, gloves, foam rollers, etc.

The same approach works for the guy. Any piece of workout equipment will do nicely, as will clothes that enhance or display his buffness.

8. Couples who workout get to accomplish more.

When both of you workout, the notion that one of you is a weak little daffodil that'd best stay in the kitchen making Rice Krispie treats goes by the wayside. Women who work out are as functional and as capable as men when it comes to doing physical labor.

Most guys, when they need to move a couch, unload a truck, or move a concrete bird feeder, have to wait for their smarmy neighbor to get home so they can ask him to help. That, or you have to hire two beefy college kids that track dirt all over your house in the process. Not so with a spouse who works out.

9. Couples who workout have fewer heated arguments.

When you both workout, you tend to release your frustrations in a healthy more productive way.

Instead, you've both gone to the gym and treated some weights rudely.

You come home calm, collected, happy even, and pumped for some lovin' under the strobe lights.




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